Six Degrees Of Separation Essay

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When we were given time to write our essay I did not pick a text which I had a clear understanding of and I had trouble finding evidence to support my ideas. I also feel like I had trouble expressing and giving strong supporting evidence to my idea. I will also attempt to create a better thesis so that my idea is strong and specific. Individuals may take different paths to achieve a goal while using others for their own selfish needs, while trying to achieve the goal.

Characters may get lost along the way and the influence the individual has on others will vary. In the play Six Degrees of Separation, Guard creates a character whose entire life is seen as a performance seen by the audience and creates difference influences on other characters as he creates a mask for himself and enters someone else’s in-order to perform in front of others to obtain his ambition of being in the spotlight.

An individual’s motivation in pursuing their goals through methods of manipulation and fraud can be seen when Paul enters Flan and Louisa house.

Six Degrees Of Separation Examples

Paul had entered someone else’s life in-order to gain personal satisfaction; the feeling of being in the spotlight was something he always wanted. The impact Paul had on Louisa was giving meaningful connections, all the knowledge she obtained has no meaning. She has color, all the world experience, and has material possessions but she realizes that there’s no structure in this.

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All of this knowledge has no Impact on her; it Just serves as an experience unlike a certain color to a painting which is worth something.

Although Louisa did not show a change In her feelings towards her family, she showed a shift In her character when she had a fight with Flan which brought out her individual feelings with her experiences with Paul instead of using the story as an anecdote like Flan. Paul has entered many different families and he enjoyed staying with the Sidestroke’s the most because they gave Paul the attention he wanted because the entire night, Paul cooked for them, told them stories, the entire time he was being watched and he enjoyed that which Is why he chose to Impact Louisa.

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