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“Securing the blessings of liberty” was an idea initiated by the framers. To start, the essay will focus on defining and elaborating more concerning the idea. Securing the blessing of liberty was an idea initialized after the American Revolution. The blessings that the framers are talking about, represent the rights that they had acquired after fighting during the American Revolution (Edwards 78).The framers were tired of the tyranny rule and as a result, they fought to oppose the rule of the British.

By the term ‘securing’, the framers meant that they wanted these rights not only for themselves, but also for the future generations. The freedoms and rights were protected after the amendment of the constitution. The constitution was amended in such a way that it accommodated the bills of rights, which was a combination of several freedoms and liberties such as, the freedom of religion, among others. The constitution stipulated that the congress did not have sole power to amend or tamper with the bill of rights.

The constitution was also amended in such a way that it automatically assumed that people had acquired the rights from the creator, therefore not even the congress had the ability to snatch these rights away from the people. These two amendments ensured total protection of freedoms, rights, and liberties of the people.

Ways in which the idea related to the understanding of the framer’s role and the government structure

What Is Secure The Blessings Of Liberty

This chapter will focus on ways in which the idea brought about understanding among the framers, concerning their role and the structure of the government.

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To start, the essay will look at how the idea brought understanding upon the framers concerning their roles. After which, the essay will elaborate on the understanding of the government structure.

The idea brought about the concept of equality. That every man (woman inclusive), had equal rights. These rights were equal because they were all created by one God who bestowed these rights upon creation. Therefore, the idea made the framer’s feel that it was their role to fight for the equality of all people. The struggle for equity began during the American Revolution and continued all through until the framers formed the constitution and introduced the republican form of government. The formation of the republican government and the constitution, marked the beginning of equity among the people, regardless of status, rank, and race among many others.

The idea revolved around matters concerning rights, freedoms, and liberties of the people. After struggling under the British rule for a long time, the idea made the framers feels that it was their role to safeguard and protect the rights , freedoms, and liberties of the people, from manipulation by the government. The framers took it upon themselves to come up with a constitution and a republican form of government (a government for the people by the people. These two aspects (constitution and the republican structure) ensured that the rights, freedoms, and liberties were protected (Dysart 95).

This idea enabled the framers to understand more concerning the structure of the government. The idea was based on equality that manifested itself in form of rights, freedoms, and liberties. The idea also worked towards securing these liberties for the future generations. Having this in mind, the framers understood that the republican and the democratic government structureswere suitable at the moment. The framers understood that by implementing the republic structure, the people would voice their opinions through voting hence, giving them an opportunity to express themselves. The framers also understood that the republican structure would also represent the minority in that, the representatives would also be assigned in accordance to the population of the districts. Therefore, the framers enacted the republican and democratic structures (Christopher 97).

American political culture and the basic tenets of American democracy

The American political culture contains core ideal and values. These ideals and values include liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, unity, and diversity. The American political culture dwells on these values and ideals and on ways to achieve each of them. The American government relied on these values, and used them to ensure proper governance. After a long period of living under the British rule, the framers felt that there was need for change. This explained the cause of the American Revolution. After achieving independence (acquired through struggle and sacrifice), the framers established a republican and democratic government that contained the key values and ideal cores mentioned above, to prevent the reoccurrence of the dictatorial rule (as it had been under the British governance).

The American democracy was made up of certain basic tenets. These tenets include, individual worth, equity, individual freedom, popular sovereignty, majority rule, minority rights, limited government, religious freedom, and compromise. These tenets acted as the foundation of democracy, they (the tenets) helped define democracy and show what it entailed. Democracy helped to preserve the rights, liberties, and freedoms of the people, with the help of these tenets. Through these tenets of democracy, the framers were able to “secure the blessing” for themselves and for future generations (Bimber 98).


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