Were The Sons Of Liberty Justified In The Boston Tea Party

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After the French and Indian War in 1763, the colonist were celebrating there win with a great amount of nationalism. While this was happening, the mother county, the British Empire was in debt from the war. The only way the mother country could receive the money was by taxing the colonists. Most of these taxes were already in the law but were never enforced. Amazingly, this angered the colonists. Most of the colonists were influenced by the small percentage of people who riled up the rest.

( Document 4). Thes pople were called the Sons of Liberty or Patriots.It wasn’t long before the colonists started a revolution So the question is were the colonists were justified or unjustified in waging the revolution and braking away from the mother country, Great Britain? Many people from the British government and their citizens saw that the colonists were not justified in rising a revolution since they saw the war was fought for there protection and should be forced to pay some of the debt if not all.

(Document 1). Other’s say the colonists were not justified ,since they were still the colony of the mother country, and the point of a colony is to supply raw materials and profit to the mother country. The colonist thought that they were justified in waging war and breaking away from Britain in many ways. There main quote for riling up the rest of the colonist was “no taxation with representation”. They made the laws they already were made harsher and also made even more laws such as the Stamp Act.

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( Document 2) Patriots such as Paul Revere used incidents like the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. In his picture he might show us what happened in the later part of the massacre but dose not mention what led the British soldiers to shoot at the colonists. ( Document 3). Another reason for the rebellion was that the colonists felt that they were treated like second hand citizens and not being treated like if they were st…

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Were The Sons Of Liberty Justified In The Boston Tea Party
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