Famous Worksheets of the Old Testament by Professor Taller

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Viola students are all aware of the infamous Professor Taller Old Testament worksheets, and I have just begun mine. That night, the La Miranda weather was cool and a relief from the smoldering hot temperatures of the day time. As I began to work on my assignment, I occasionally glanced around me. The sky was pitch black with glistening stars that looked like fireflies.

Groups of people walked by, school books In one hand and Bibles In the other. As I continued to drift off into my own thoughts, I suddenly noticed a boy and a girl sitting next to the fountain with their feet up against the barrier of the pool of water.

I was intrigued by their in-depth conversation of faith, life, and heartache. At the end of their conversation, the boy prayed for the girl and they parted ways.

I sat in my chair In awe of how amazing my fellow peers were. Every twenty minutes of doing work I would take a break and relax. I could smell the scents of my sweet freshly baked cookie and coffee from Commons. I picked up my cookie and CLC could feel the soft dough and chocolate in my hands. I took short sips of my coffee to ensure that it lasted me the duration of my time studying.

The creamy and sweet caramel overjoyed my mouth.

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I sat there thinking about how blessed and lucky I was, hat the beautiful scenery and essences of Bola were now my home. I once again took out my folder and began working. While continuing my work, I decided to turn on soothing music and immediately Goggled Hellions united. As I listened to the songs, I could hear in the background the trickling of the fountain as each stream of water came down. The coolness of the oncoming breeze slightly touched the back of my neck.

The trees and leaves looked as if they were dancing ballet together to a beautiful song. Everything about the scene was serene. As I took In a deep breath, I felt a sense of composure. Although my worksheets were stressful, I felt as though I had the motivation and relaxation to finish them on time. Being part of such an academically inclined community made it feel as though I was trying to swim against a deep current, but in this exact moment I felt a sense of calmness in all the chaos.

As I looked up and saw the elaborate mural of Jesus on the wall, It reminded me of how Jesus told Peter to walk on the water and trust Him. Peter stepped out to Tallow Jesus, out Degas to Tell tartar Decease AT ten walls wince made him begin to sink. I believe our everyday life is the same in the sense that once e take our eyes off Jesus and begin to worry, we also begin to sink. Although I had been feeling overwhelmed, I realized that I was brought to this university for a purpose. I needed to have more faith and trust in not only God’s plan for me, but in myself and my abilities as well.

I have always been a person to stress myself over things out of my control. Whether it be school work, activities, or life in general. When I decided to attend Viola, I knew I would encounter many trials. Although these trials may feel endless, when I am sitting at the Fountain 0 of Faith my strength feels renewed. I feel as if I am David and all of my hardships are Goliath, and with God I can defeat any obstacle in my way. When I am sitting here relaxing, those feelings begin to fade.

When I was deciding which school was right for me, my mom told me to visit each campus and sit somewhere where I could really get a feel of what the community was like. When I visited Viola, the place I chose was the exact table I sit at every time I come here to study. I love to be able to sit and remember my experience of why I chose this university in the first place. Each study session reminds me of how much I love Viola and everyone in it. As I push myself to my limit, I feel a sense of relief as I finish my last page of my last worksheet.

The fountain shuts off, which tells me that it is midnight. It is pure silence besides the faint noise of clicking from keyboards on laptops in the distance. I sigh as a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I just sit. I sit and think of the opportunities God has provided me with. I sit and think of everything that has lead up to this moment. I sit and think of God’s goodness. After I pack up my things to head back to my dorm, I take a moment to pull up a chair next to the fountain. I notice the cerulean blue tiles that line four of the seven steps.

The other three are painted white with detailed yellow flowers. I put my feet up Just as the couple had done earlier and I look up. My eyes wander into the Jet black sky full of numerous stars. As I notice the bright moon, I realize that God created everything in the sky. He names each star by name, and cares for me so much more than each star that drapes the Heavens. As I sit in awe of God’s creation, I cannot help but notice all of the glory and power of The Lord. Sometimes all you need in life’s chaotic trials, is to be still and know that He is God.

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Famous Worksheets of the Old Testament by Professor Taller
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