Chapters 19-26 Old Testament

What is the most important feature of the Hebrew Poetry?

Hebrew Poetry is most similar to poetry written in?

Scholars have learned a lot about the polytheistic ancient Near East from a study of poetry written by the?

Common literary characteristic of Hebrew poetry that involves a repetition of the same thought or a similar thought
What is synonymous parallelism?

Two lines stand in sharp contrast to each other; usually the conjunction “but” provides a clue
What is antithetic parallellism?

A poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message
What is acrostic?

Based on the Greek letter x denoting an inverted sequence or a cross-over of parallel words, phrases, or concepts in a sentence or a larger literary unit
What is Chiasm?

Which poetic book focuses on principles for living?

Which poetic book focuses on why bad things happen to good people?

Which poetic book focuses on what is the meaning of life?

In which book can wisdom concepts and sayings be found?

Which type of wisdom literature is most likely to be optimistic in tone?

Who was the producer of discourses of wisdom in the ancient Near East?

What is the word used in Egyptian literature for wisdom literature?

The most important educational unit in ancient Egypt was the?

Fathers and Sons
Who are the most frequently found chatacters in Egyptian wisdom literature?

Where was most of the the ancient Near Eastern wisdom literature written?

The Babylon Theodicy can best be compared to which old testament book?

Monotheistic perspective
What is the distinguishing feature of Hebrew wisdom literature?

The Mesopotamian document Ludlul bel nimeqi is most parallel to which Old Testament book?

In Babylonian discourses the blame for human suffering is placed on the?

Zophar insisted that Job’s main problem was?

It considers some of the most difficult questions of life, foremost among which is the problem of theodicy
What is the main message of the book of Job?

What is the Hebrew word for the book of Psalms?

Who is the author of the largest number of the psalms?

Psalm 51
Which Psalm did David write after Nathan confronted him about his sin with Bathsheba?

Whom did David appoint as his Chief musician?

How many divisions are in the book of Psalms?

Have an ancient origin and may go back as far as the original manuscripts
How can the headings of some of the psalms be best described?

Who was responsible for the initial classification of the Psalms?

What is the name for a psalm that calls for God’s judgement on the enemy of the psalmist?

Which type of psalm renders thanks to God?

Which type of psalm calls for judgement?

Which type of psalm appeals for forgiveness?

It gives advice on how to live
What is the basic contribution of the Book of Proverbs?

It provides a collection of timeless truths or basic values by previous generations
What is the value of the Book of Proverbs for believers today?

Egyptian Instructional wisdom
The wisdom literature of the Book of Proverbs is most parallel to the wisdom literature of ancient?

Maintain their relationship with God and adhere to his ways
A life of folly can be be avoided most easily if the young person will?

Hezekiah’s collection of proverbs most often dealt with issues of?

What do the Proverbs identify as the enemy of wisdom?

His Mother
From whom did King Lemuel learn his Proverbs?

What is emphasized the most in the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs?

Solomon and Hezekiah
Who are the authors of Proverbs?

The best description of the word Qohelet is?

Life without God at the center is meaningless
What is the major theme of the Book of Ecclesiastes?

The collection in Ecclesiastes contains all literary types except?

Man should eat, drink, and be satisfied with his work
What is the teacher’s philosophy in Ecclesiastes?

Life in relationship with God
The conclusion reached by Qohelet in Ecclesiastes is that man’s only good in life should be to?

Who is the most likely compiler of the Song of Songs?

Which king altered the dates of the Hebrew festivals and appointed his own priests?

Who would not be classified as a classical prophet?

Ahab and Jezebel created great opposition for which prophet?

Hosea, ro’eh, and Nabu
What are the Hebrew words for a prophet?

Which prophet’s work involved tending flocks and taking care of Sycamore trees before God called him to a prophetic ministry?

Declared God’s truth to his people
A forthteller is primarily one who?

A Moral base
The major differences between the words of the Hebrew prophets and other ancient near Eastern prophetllike lliterature was the profits emphasis on?

Who used prophecy to aid Josiah in his religious reforms?

Who was the prophet who prophesied that God would tear the kingdom from Solomon?

What relationship did Baruch have to Jeremiah?

Shalmaneser III wa king of?

Tiglath-Pileser III
Which King conquered Damascus?

Sennacherib was unsuccessful in his military campaign against King?

Who conquered Judah after Nebuchadnezzar’s death?

Who served as profit during the Babylonian domination?

Who is the “Ahasuerus” of the book of Esther?

Which name means a “remnant shall return”?

Tiglath-Pileser III
When Isaiah began his ministry, the enemy, Syria, was led by?

Remnant, The Sovereignty of God, Servant, Holy one of Israel, and Messiah
What are the main themes of the book of Isaiah?

Holy one of Israel
Which phrase is used 25 times by Isaiah?

How many chapters are in the book of Isaiah?

A priest acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity
An Oracle is?

Which King’s death marks the beginning of Isaiah’s prophetic call?

Assyria and Syria
Which countries were involved in the Syro-Ephraimite war?

God will destroy his enemies
What was the sign that Isaiah gave to Ahaz?

The power of Assyria
Instead of trusting in God as Isaiah told him to do, Ahaz put his trust in?

Whom did Tiglath-Pileser appoint as vassal over Israel?

Syria, Israel and Judah
What three nations did Isaiah predict would be a united blessing to the world?

Who did Isaiah identify as a quality leader?

Chapters 24-27
Which chapters of the book of Isaiah are often called the “little apocalypse quote”?

Whom did Isaiah denounce for their pride and arrogance?

Whom did Isaiah condemn for making foreign alliances?

He sent an angel to destroy the army
How did God help Hezekiah to defeat Sennacherib?

Mercy, 15 years
When Hezekiah was about to die, he prayed for mercy and God granted him what?

The fact that he showed the Babylonians everything; he gave the delegation a thorough tour and show them all his splendor and treasures
What was the most foolish thing Hezekiah did to the Babylonian delegates?

Second Isaiah
What does Deutero-Isaiah mean?

1-39 and 40-66
What are the most common chapter divisions critical scholars make of the book of Isaiah?

The entire work came from Isaiah
Matthew 3:3 indicates that New Testament writers?

The Servant is God’s instrument
What is the unifying focus of the servant passage in Isaiah?

We learn comfort and assurance when we face difficult challenges
What is the most important lesson we can learn from Isaiah 40?

The idols of gods had no power
What major point did Isaiah make against false gods?

Who predicted that Babylon would be conquered by Persia?

Remnant or Israel
To whom does the servant in Isaiah 49:3 refer?

Drunkard inebriated with the wine of God’s judgement
Isaiah portrays the city of Jerusalem as a?

Jesus Christ
The most likely interpretation of the suffering servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is that the servant represents?

What does Isaiah use to represent the relationship of God and Israel in Isaiah 62?

On earth after he returns
Premillennialism refers to the reign of Christ?

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