Old Testament ch 1-9

How many books are in the OT

tests for canonicity
written by prophet or other spirit filled person
to all generations
in accord with previous revelation

OT cannon confirmed at
Council of Jamnia AD90

Hebrew OT is arranged in ____groups
3: law, prophets, writings

Limited Inspiration Theory
holds that the Bible contains the word of God

Plenary Verbal Inspiration Theory
God’s inspiration includes all scripture

scribes who preserved the OT

a complex system of markings

Masoretes developed
a system of vowels, accent systems, detailed notes system

Languages the OT was written in
Hebrew and Aramaic

Most reliable Hebrew text


study of Biblical interpretation

Southern boundary of ancient near east
arabian desert
persian gulf
red sea

dominant geographic feature of egypt
nile river

egypt where nile empties into Mediterranean
lower egypt

coast of syria-palestine along the mediteranean

who occupied the coastal strip north of israel during most of OT?

who occupied the southern coastal plain of israel for most of OT

which international route followed the coastline
via maris

at what time were the benefits of iron discovered
1200 BC

who ruled egypt 1700-1540 BC

what was egypt’s method for controlling the israeli population?
killing newborn israelite boys

who were the “Sea Peoples” who settled on the southwest coastal plain of Syria-Palestine

who conquered the capital of northern israel

which people were the major force in the iron age


what is the Jewish designation for the first five books of OT

what is the most appropriate descriptive subtitle for Genesis

in the OT a binding relationship is called

which book details the elaborate preparations for leaving mount sinai

while other ancient religions expressed their theology in terms of myths, the religion of OT expressed theology in terms of
history and events

in the pentateuch what is the most appropriate response to God’s grace
personal sanctity

in which century was moses’ authorship of the pentateuch seriously attacked

JEDP is a key component of
source criticism

the J document is purported to date at approximately
850 BC

at what time did Wellhausen suggest that the JED and P documents were combined into the P as we know it today
400 BC

which scholar was a critic of the documentary hypothesis
EW Hengstenberg

Wellhausen maintains that monotheism developed later than the
post-exilic period

which scholar’s work established Wellhausen’s hypothesis as the standard critical approach for English speaking schoalrs
SR Driver

the primary theme of the pentateuch is the story of
God’s People

study of how the world was made

the closest parallel to ancient hebrew concepts is found in the literature of

Marduk is a major character in
Enuma Elish

as a result of being created in the image of God, humans have
dominion over creation
relationship with God

the themes of Genesis 3-11 is
the moral failure of humankind

in which chapter of geneisis are the generations of Adam listed

who is the Babylonian Noah

a stepped tower of 3 to 7 stages

which mesopotamian city had a name which meant gate to God

taking into account archaeological culture and literary evidence, the events of genesis 12-50 fit best into the
middle bronze age (2000-1550 BC)

the two things most important to ancient peoples were
land and descendents

where did Abram’s family originate
Ur of the Chaldeans

to demonstrate his promise to Abram, God took him outside and told him to count
the stars

the Abrahamic covenant was later seen in a modified form for
Moses, David, and Jesus

Who was Hagar
Sarai’s slave girl given to Abram. She bore Ishmael

how old was Abram when God changed his name to Abraham

Sarah means

Abraham believed that his heir would be
first Lot, then Eliezer, then Ishmael

What name means supplanter

God changed Jacob’s name to

why is the story of Joseph unusual
Joseph is not in the direct line of the covenant promises

which covenant formalized the relationship of God with Israel

which covenant formalized the relationship between God and the royal dynasty of Israel

Which covenant established a theological framework for redemptive relationships

Exodus can best be characterized as a description of
Israel’s rescue from Egypt
Israel’s newly re-established relationship with God

What is the basic reason the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews
Egyptians viewed Israel as a threat; therefore, they enslaved them to control their birthrate

which incident marks the point at which Moses’ will collided with God’s
Exodus 3-4 (burning bush)

what demonstrated that Yahweh controlled the cosmic order

what type of law applies covenant law to life
casuistic law

what was the main purpose of the desert tabernacle
God’s way of living in the midst of His people

what were the dimensions of the wilderness tabernacle
100 cubits by 50 cubits

which date for the Exodus has the least archaeological support
1446 BC

which body of water is least likely to be the Red Sea of Exodus
Gulf of Suez or Gulf of Aqaba

Which route for the Exodus would have been the most direct
Northern along the “way of the sea”

christian tradition identifies mount sinai with
jebel musa

the distinguished feature of the sinai covenant was that it
was written

what is emphasized throughout all 40 chapters of Exodus
presence of God

why were the israelites not ready to live in the promised land
they were not ready for life in God’s presence

what today fulfill’s God’s presence in dwelling with humankind
the Holy Spirit

while the cross is central in NT, what is OT central event
Exodus and Sinai covenant

what was the most distinctive aspect of hte israelite sacrificial system
link to covenant

what was Aaron chosen to do that other Levites did not do
offer the sacrifice

the central emphasis on Leviticus is on
right worship and living
becoming and remaining holy

holiness code is devoted to
right living outside the tabernacle

which type of sacrifice is least common in OT
sin and guilt offering

who was cited as having an unholy fire
Nadab and Abihu

how is the law in Leviticus different from the law in Exodus
Exodus 10 commandments and application to covenant life
Leviticus laws for proper worship and cleansing

what type of law is 10 commandments

what should be our approach to laws of OT
some are broad and still apply but others are specific to israeli culture

when the worshiper placed his hand on the head of the sacrifice animal, he
confessed guilt and identified the animal as his substitute

what are the themes of Leviticus
law, sacrifice, holiness

how did Christ’s death as an atonement for sin differ from OT atonement
Christ died once for all

which NT book emphasizes the importance of leviticus for christians today

what is an offering of ascent

what is an expiating offering

what is an offering of restoration
guilt offering

the title for Numbers is most accurate in

where was the land of Goshen located
Egypt- eastern Delta of the Nile

if taken numerically, the 2 main lists of the census reports would indicate the population of Israel was
2 million or more

some scholars believe that the term “thousands” in Numbers refers to
social units

what was the indication of God’s leadership throughout the journey of the israelites in Numbers 9
divine cloud over the tabernacle

what was the emphasis of the Nazirite vow
the importance of dedication and faithfulness to those commitments made to God in he past

after departing mount sinai where did the Israelites first encounter problems

what was the main problem Aaron and Miriam had with Moses

how many spies did Moses send to Canaan

what was the punishment God meted out to the Israelites because they did not enter the promised land at the time planned
everyone 20 yrs or older would die in the desert

who interceded for the israelites when God appeared at the tabernacle

what was the fate of the rebellious Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
an earthquake killed them and a fire consumed all their followers

what was the result of Moses’ sin
he could not enter Canaan

the israelites were told to counter the fiery serpents by
God instructed Moses to make a bronze serpent and mount it on a pole

who was the ruler of Moab

where did the israelites stop last before entering Canaan

where were the israelites camped when they turned to Baal worship
across the Jordan river from Jericho

who did God choose to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land

how many long speeches of Moses are recorded in Deuteronomy

the central core of the chiasm of Deuteronomy focuses on
covenant stipulations

how many days should the journey from mount sinai to kadesh-barnea have taken

moses’ expression of monotheism in deuteronomy 6:4 is known as the

what is the primary purpose for moses’ discourse on the law
to form the israelites spiritually

the decalogue is known as
the 10 commandments

where did moses instruct the israelites to have a covenant renewal ceremony

deuteronomic theology is often called the doctrine of

why did moses summarize the covenant with a song
the Lord commanded him to and it was supposed to be a final means of motivating the nation to keep their covenant with God

after writing the law, moses instructed the israelites to read it publicly
every 7 years

moses took possession of the promised land symbolically by
viewing it from mount nebo

what type of document is deuteronomy primarily
a covenant document

a political treaty between unequal partners is called a
suzerainty treaty

suzerainty treaties were most commonly initiated by

what would be least likely to be defied as a witness in hittite suzerainty covenants

what demonstrated most clearly the unity of deuteronomy
role of love and law

what kind of bridge does deuteronomy form between the pentateuch and the historical books
it is a foundation stone for deuteronomistic history (joshua, judges, samuel, and kings)

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