What Do You Think Of Apex's Training Process

Question # 1 What role do job descriptions play in training at Apex?

Answer: Job descriptions set the boundaries of jobs in terms of required knowledge and skills. It is a description of the task in adjusting the limits of work in terms with the necessary knowledge and skills. By understanding the job description, a trainer can define the learning requirements or the material requirements for new or transitioning employees.

Essay Example on Reinventing The Wheel At Apex Door Company

The central problem is that Jim Delaney, president of the Apex Door Company, cannot get his employees to do specific tasks without messing up.

The causes of the central problem are that when employees don’t understand something. These problems come in front us us clearly when it says about employers that “decide to do it their own way”. Here we clearly explore the lacking of Appex Door Company not to having a through guide line or job description about the job they are doing.

Apex Door Company surely has a job description but it is surely out of date or not updated regularly. If so then the employees should remain ware of minimize the use of steel in mega constructions size as it will not only minimize the amount of steel but also increase the net profit for Apex Door Company

The role of job description of Apex Door Company should be clear, univocal and regularly cheeked to meet the latest market demand in quickest time with minimum expense. Alternative solutions are that each job has a training manual, and that new up to date job descriptions be written.

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Question # 3 Explain in detail what you would do to improve the training process at Apex. Make sure to provide specific suggestions.

Answer: After reviewing the case it’s for sure that Appex Door Company must rebuild their training process to overcome their problems.

A formal (written) and updated Job description: The employees of Appex Door Company “decide to do it their own way” which is a major drawback for this company. As by this view an employee will never taught what he should do and how the gain of company will maximize. A written guideline will not only assist to do so but make bound to do what is Appex Door Company ordered him to do so.

A drawback of job description is that it is effective for a limited time period. To overcome this Appex management should regularly update their Job description

Developing Appropriate Training: Job description will not be sufficient to build up the employee unless the train up to do so. The traing should not be given carelessly which was done in previous by providing ex employers. If it’s not possible by themselves then they should bring out expert from outside to ensure the most appropriate and effective training for Appex employers and this Training procedures would be documented for each position of the company

Supervise the training process: For Appex Door Company the training process will assist with three aspects.

  1. The boss (owners of Appex Door Company)
  2. Training Department (trainer)
  3. Prospective trainees (employees)

The owners of Appex Door Company will supervise the entire task through trainer. And after training they should measure either the training was effective or not and then take further actions.

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What Do You Think Of Apex's Training Process
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