Apex English 3 test 1

Concrete language
Describes specific objects that are observable to all

Characters need two things:
Traits and context

Determined the social and physical forces to what a character can do

The plot determines
How the conflict is resolved

First person
A character recounts a personal experience in his or her own words

Third person
The narrator is not a direct character in the story and does not refer to himself

Narrator has complete knowledge of events, thoughts and feelings

Narrators tells the events without direct insight

3 qualities that make for better reading
Concrete language, sensory description, and the active voice

Use tension to
Build suspension

Achieve tension by
Hinting at a conflict

3 components that go into choosing a context are
Setting, other characters, and conflict

Discrepancy between expectation and reality

The “beat” created by the sequence of stressed and unstressed syllables

3 rules or imagist poetry
Treat the subject directly, use no word that doesn’t contribute to the presentation, and compose in the sequence of the musical phrase

Langston Hughes often incorporated
Rhythms, forms, and themes of blues and jazz

The author’s attitude toward his or her readers

Descriptive language that appeals to the senses

A pervasive emotion or atmosphere evoked by a passage of writing

A passing reference to a person, place, or event from history or literature

Easily irritated and argumentive


Artificial or labored

Rude or disrespectful

Having an intense smell

Local or regional speech pattern

Word choice


Wide open

Contemplating the past

To be intimidated by a show of force

To move carefully and slowly

Approaches of Modernism
Reality is subjective, civilization is stuck, and culture is broken

Something that takes place within the mind of an individual and is subject to individual bias

Modernism is a __ against the past

Ezra Pound famous for
Claiming artists had to make it new

Five qualities associated with modernist writing
Emphasis on the concrete, experimentation with form, use of symbolism, directness in the use of language, and a sense of discontinuity

A broad statement about a group of things that attempts to draw conclusions about what they have in common

Modernism characterized by
Innovation and a break with tradition

Modernism began with these French artists
Charles Baudelaire-poet; Edouard Manet-painter; Gustave Flaubert-writer

Sigmund Freud
Austrian psychologist; theory that human behaviors came from irrational and unconscious desires helped shape the modern era

Karl Marx
German philosopher; influenced the development of communism through this theories of class warfare and critiques of capitalism

Albert Einstein
Physicist; theory of relativity

Marx’s theories suggest that western society was based on
The exploitation of workers and capitalists

Theory of relativity undermined the view that
Time and space were not absolute

Prominent voices of the first wave
Amy Lowell, TS Elliot, Ezra Pound, Carl Sandburg, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, and Hilda Doolittle

The second wave of modernism began after

Fiction writers associated with second wave
Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Edith Wharton, Ellen Glasgow, John Dos Passos, and Sherwood Anderson

People associated with Harlem Renaissance
Duke Ellington, James Van Der Zee, Marcus Garvey, Langston Hughes, and WEB DuBois

Modernist poets tended toward
Free verse poetry, concrete language

Linear narrative
Chronological order

Modernist fiction writers tended toward discontinuous narrative, multiple narrators, stream of consciousnesses

Events are jumbled

Stream of consciousness
Writing style that attempts to capture inner thought process of a character

Consists of expressions, figures of speech, or specialized vocabulary particular to a a language, region, or group

Language changes both
Over time and from place to place

Sub – dialect is tied to
Race and ethnicity

Idioms include
Figures of speech

Hemingway is know for his __ style

Economy of fiction
Writing style where only the right words are used

Common aspects of hemingway’s writing
Economy of fiction, characterization through dialogue, the compression of events through time, and the use of symbolism

In a Hemingway story the narrator seems
Detached of purely observant

Zora Neale Hurston
Author, anthropologist, folklorist

Hurston uses language that is sometimes

5 hallmarks of modernism
Use of symbolism, directness in the use of language, a sense of discontinuity, an emphasis on the concrete, and experimentation with form

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