How Effectively Do You Think Rachel Spent Her Day

Every day your objective might change but it still mainly remains the same. The specific objectives when working in the daycare are to make sure that none of the children get hurt, all the children are fed, have a lesson plan for each age group, and finally at pickup time make sure they all are ready to go home and picked up by only the people on the pickup list for that specific child. Being the decision maker and performer of the day care I am in charge of making the ultimate decision, I’m accountable for that decision as well as the way the decision gets implemented.

This is according to “Managing Human Behavior in Public and Non Profit Organizations” there are a lot of factors that have to take into consideration when making decisions to maintain my objective. These factors are listed as follows: The amount of children that attend the daycare that day, the amount of staff on hand at the daycare, the allergies that those children have, the age group of the children that do attend, and the paper work to match each child that does come that day.

The amount of children that come is highly important because it lets you know how much staff is needed.

It also allows you to know how much lunch is needed. This is the most important factor of the day. You won’t know what you could do with the children until they are all there. The second most important factor is to make sure that all the paper work is in order, such as the paper work that matches each child and their allergies and food likes and dislikes.

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This is also essential for the pickup, each child has a list of people who can or cannot pick them up. This important so you don’t let the children go with someone that they are not allowed to go with.

The rest of the factors such as, the amount of staff on hand at the daycare, the age groups of the children that do attend are important but not as important as the other two. They are listed in order of their importance. As the decision maker you must get the staff together and make sure everyone knows their role for the day and what is expected of them. You hand out specific jobs to each of the staff and give them a deadline. These staff members are performers. As the decision maker you must oversee everything and make sure these task such as lunch getting prepared is done correctly.

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