River Wood Plant Case Analysis

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This initiative will be piloted in the newly constructed River Wood plant. Issues and problems. This initiative presents numerous issues and problems. The following are issues for consideration for the new General Manager to consider:

A. Organizational change; employees are often resistant to change. In this case the supervisory roles within this organization will be especially resistant to the loss of visibility between themselves and executive management. The installment of a General Manager who is responsible for all functions and personnel, subsequently removes direct links for some employees to the senior Vice President.

B. Relocation of personnel; Those employees who will be required to move to other sites may present fight to movement as they may be well established at their current plant and in their personal/family location and routines, as such NY relocation may upset this balance and in turn negatively impact on work output by some employees.

C. Pickling and education of employees; All the employees will require pickling on the new assets and operating procedures of the updated production line.

The period of time will take to implement and remedy bugs will effect productivity.

D. Impact on current operations; the major changes planned for the new River Wood plant will impact on productivity and burden other plants to make up the short comings whilst the initiative is being implemented and obstacles are emptied. These impacts will cause angst the stakeholders as production and potentially reputation is effected, until results are achieved. E. Management setup and changes to roles and responsibility including leadership styles.

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There are numerous options for the new General Manager responsible for the successful outcome of the initiative. Relevance to highlight changes being implemented are consistent with key organizational outcomes, especially changes to the organization and management setup. In addition to highlighting the relevance of changes, the General Manager has the option of legitimizing the changes as the firm’s top management believing the success of the initiative will benefit the long-term viability of the organization (2011 , Cameron and Wheaton).

Bringing legitimacy to employees for the requirement of potential relocation. The General Manager has the option of legitimizing the necessity and opportunities of undertaking training on new equipment such as certificate qualifications and transferable skills. The General Manager must be an expert in manufacturing operations, and have personal power to influence change and a sense of purpose within the firm. Further the General Manager must demonstrate a high input of effort to set the standard for their employees to model off.


This should begin prior to the new plant being built. This will afford the General Manager to establish relationships, build their expertise on manufacturing operations, grasp the organization’s culture and clearly ascertain the objectives of this initiative both operational and strategic in order to legitimate the initiative to the stakeholders and employees. The General Manager should be involved in selecting employees for the new plant and opening opportunities to other plant staff to be part of the initiative.

This can coincide with the necessary visit by the prospective General Manager to other plants to gain ideas of best practices in production operations. Recommendations. It is recommended the General Manager be selected with the following traits:

A. Expertise to ensure best practices are established early, this affords the ability of early detection of any potential issues, further it affords the General Manger credibility amongst their employees, peers and supervisors.

B. The General Manager must display high levels of effort to set the standards within the new plant. In turn this will push employees, be setting expectations, within the new River Wood plant to deliver anticipated outcomes.

C. Be legitimate in their actions and decisions, subsequently this demonstrates to employees the General Manager’s actions and decisions are consistent with organizational values and goals.

D. The General Manger must adopt a reasoning influence strategy as there is efficient time to establish relationships and requirements.

This method of influence will also be valuable in maintaining ongoing relationships once the new plant becomes operational. Conclusion. The River Wood plant scenario presents many issues as high lighted above in addition to other ongoing issues. By adopting a reasoning influence strategy the General Manager will be in a strong position to overcome any obstacle faced, further the General Manager must demonstrate legitimacy, expertise, effort and relevance to complement their personal power to achieve the desired outcomes.

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River Wood Plant Case Analysis
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