The Importance of Education Within Other Countries in Creating Room to Read by John Wood

Reading Creating Room To Read, I began to realize other countries are not like America. This essay will focus on how other countries’ education is. There are many sources, but only one outside of Creating Room To Read stood out to me. I will address this source and show some charts and pictures of these countries along with rates of the highest knowledge those children get.

This essay will include: the seriousness that poor countries like Estonia and Finland Hebrew despite of their financial issue.

Not all countries need to have money to have hopes, community, and dreams. Technically, all a country really needs is a true Community who’s there for each other no matter what and who helps each other no matter what the cost. No matter financial situations, many countries care about the children inside of it, and takes education seriously.

Some countries like Finland and Estonia pursue in making the children’s success a reality versus a dream.

Marika Veisson in Global Perspectives In Early Childhood Education: Diversity, Challenges, and Possibilities explains about how similar the two countries are, “In both countries, students have shown the highest academic knowledge in the world” (33). Has readers can tell it just depends on the country and how they looked at education in order to make their country better in education. Below is a graph to show you the difference between different countries and education.

Another issue would be changing education around, which affects both educators and students. Guolin Zhang in “Reform of Early Childhood Education In Shenzhen” notices the issues caused by the education habits change, “In the event that the society is unable to provide quality ECE resources in sufficient quantities the young children’s right to an education then becomes an empty promise” (35).

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Zhang explains the issues as to the employment side of the issue, “the second aspect is that there are necessary guarantees and measures regarding their educational and teaching right, as well as their benefits and remunerations, where educators of young children are concerned” (35). This quote shows that even employees at education are suffering from this change, the rights that are included are completely changed and erased.

In Creating Room to Read, Wood only uses the characters in the bill and how they feel about helping out different countries to explain what is going on in those countries. With what the main character is doing to help out because Islam is under bad conditions and even her perspective on how she feels about the country being in its condition.

This paper covers the issues of certain country is it when changing it’s education habits and how other countries are doing in education. It also shows that not only are these students affected by it but the ones that work in the system.

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