From One Second To The Next

In the film “From One Second to the Next” by Werner Herzog, he interviews four heartbroken families and the people that were involved in the accidents caused by texting and driving. Being able to see the rhetorical side of this documentary will help the audience to comprehend where the rhetors are coming from and why they made this documentary. This memo will help breakdown some of those questions. Using rhetoric is to persuade the audience to believe the message the rhetor is trying to get across.

In this case Herzog’s message, the exigence or the need, would be to show the audience that there are a lot of car accidents and fatalities from texting and driving. With the exigence, as Carroll stated in “Backpacks vs. Briefcases,” “You can begin to understand a piece’s exigence by asking, ‘What is this rhetoric responding to?’ ‘What might have happened to make the rhetor respond in this way?’”

Essay Example on Werner Herzog From One Second To The Next

The rhetor or rhetors of this story is the people telling the story.

Covino and Jollifee define rhetor as “an individual involved in the production of a text, usually a speaker or writer.” In this film there are many rhetors telling their side of the story. The director is also a rhetor because he is the one telling the main story by interviewing and asking the questions, and then editing all of the rhetors stories together to help get the point across to the audience.

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Different ways the rhetors try to have an affect on the audience would be using logos, pathos and ethos also known as the artistic appeals. The logos of the film would help to point out the statistics to the audience, as it states in the beginning “Over 100,000 accidents a year involve drivers who are texting. The numbers climb sharply.” In this statement he is showing the statistics in text-related accidents each year. Pathos played a big part in this documentary, using the emotional side to relate to the audience using dramatic music, how the directo…

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