Storybook “The Neighbor, the Merry Christmas Says to Me, I’ll Kill” Edited by John Engelke

Why so irritated? Where Christmas but it is the festival of love and it therefore any passers by heart a “Merry Christmas” wishes! And now Christmas and murder should go together? How so? The twelve stories come from (in alphabetical order) Zoë Beck Alex Berg, Simone Buchholz, Petra Busch, Frank Göhre, Markus Heitz, Daniel Holbe, Sven Koch, Claudio M. Mancini, Karen Rose, Heinrich Steinfest and Markus Stromiedel. John Engelke is the editor.

The twelve crime stories in this collection are linked in various ways with the holidays – by the weather, a name, a wish, a candlestick, a market or simply by the date – only by one thing: contemplation.

On the contrary, one or the other story is so nerve-wracking, rather than the snow gently trickles and gives the snow hare camouflage that one freezes the blood in your veins, even if outside again prevails spring weather.

This comical critters. make way too scarce; they rarely venture out of the protective forest.

Then she is drawn to the cozy homes of people where they can find in the garbage of prosperity effortlessly food. This can be dangerous, for example, if they venture onto a grass verge. While they mümmeln blithely to himself, raging around them road. And oops , is all it takes a nose-wise bunny. but we smart people know that his fatal collision with a car no follow random coincidence, but the bloody outcome of a perfidious plan was. Someone vehicle had manipulated the brake functions disabled. Thus, the motor vehicle driver supposed to sound like, what it feels like to be “a murderer against his will”.

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Can you imagine a crib without the good Josef? Well, that is not gonna work well. Nevertheless, asks author Daniel Holbe: “Who needs Josef?” But his Josef is no carpenter, but is “carpenter” and is not a good one. He consorted with shady characters as a doorman and an experienced car thief. As Josef Zimmermann is married Josef Zimmermann. His Holde not mean Mary but Marylie, and she has for her profession (pickpocket) gifted nimble hands. From the bits and pieces they but the nose has completed; now they want to know and right times to skim money.

The opportunity presents itself straight, because in the past, in principle affair with a filthy rich Frankfurt she has from him a baby on the cheek and thus could blackmail the married old bag. For this action, they certainly need the help of Joseph. But then the raid runs in the posh villa not quite go as planned, and soon everyone found as figures in a “living manger” again.

The concept of different writers whose names are not well known are present with short Lesepröbchen and its “author Vita” together in one book, is a beautiful place but discovered genuine new talent. Alex Berg about framing her “winter’s Tale” as a true horror trip. Manu protagonist must urgently turn off before their problems they roll over. Partner Helge leaves her angry carver at work in the advertising agency to bring her a warning, at night they can not sleep … relaxation can best be jogging in the wild until the noise of running them from bears. But one day she has in front of a boar, and as his company save on a high seat – staying up there is becoming a nightmare. Ancient cruel memories they fall, former and present-day reality mingle with bloody fantasies. Great!

Simone Buchholz’s story “The Cold Light” plays in a motel on a highway in Alaska. Strange: “Reports from people who stayed at the motel, there is not.” No, not that, and would arrive to guests. Yesterday about drove up a trucker. Although himself fat and ugly, he made stupid remarks on the lady at the front desk and her costume. But then it ran as usual. All the superfluous Pröll, the guy had stashed in his cab is disposed residue and vice deposited in the repository. Now the receptionist bored again to death – if they are not devoted to her diary, where she in laconic telegraphic their daily routines including meals and feelings lists ( “what is superfluous”) and mocking comments holds about fellow human beings … The lonely old man has a special own universe rigged and himself in it imposed an important task: keep clean must the world. What a crazy, bizarre story!

But now it’s over! The other door of this narrative Advent stay beautiful. Let yourself from day surprise to day. Every story has its own attraction. A volume entitled “The next, the Merry Christmas says to me, I’ll kill “devoid of any Christian sense covers, bound in dark black and provided with produce sensational blood red book section, of course, is not a gift for everyone. But who is also set to Advent and Christmas on thrill, macabre and creepy, will rejoice over four hundred pages of it in Nikolausstiefel or on the gift table.

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Storybook “The Neighbor, the Merry Christmas Says to Me, I’ll Kill” Edited by John Engelke
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