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Reproductive health is the state of the normal reproductive functions of a human being during her life. In fact, reproductive health is not only the absence of various diseases connected with the reproductive system; it is something more and includes physical, psychological and social well-being concerning the question of sexuality. That means, one is considered to be healthy when he treats sexuality emotionally positive, does not have any physical discomfort, is able to have a safe sexual life and choose the partner soberly.

It is obvious that reproductive health is the important part of the general health of a human being and if one has any problems with sexuality, it will surely influence his life and psychics badly.

Reproductive health can not be observed only from one side, because except of the side of medicine there are such related fields, like psychology, abortion, contraception and even economics. To begin with, poor reproductive health affects human psychics badly. The person is always in the bad mood and possesses low self-esteem.

The problem of family planning and contraception is closely connected with reproductive health, because it is known that a young girl is not able to give birth to her child unless she is at least eighteen years old, as the human body can be considered ready for such processes only starting from such age. So, in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy young people should get to know about contraception for the sake of their reproductive health. Finally, if a woman is pregnant but does not want to leave the child and chooses abortion, it will affect her reproductive health badly.

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There is a possibility that such a woman will never be able to become pregnant again.

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