A Proposal for the Extension of High Schools' Health Class to a Full Semester in Order to Lower the Rates of Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

During high school many students make the transformation from children to young adults. This time period opens many doors for questions and changes to the body and sexual intercourse Public schools mainly offer a quarter of health class which has a week to talk about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) and teenage pregnancy. High schools believe that one week is enough time to educate curious high school students about these major topics. If high schools extend health class to a full semester the rates of teenage pregnancy and the passing of sexually transmitted infections would reduce Since 1981, sexual education has become a controversial topic from the AFLA (Adolescent Family Life Act) being passed, to in 1996 the welfare reform law prohibiting all sex outside marriage discussion Simply, if these laws were not in effect during those years more students would be education decreasing the rates of STI’s and teen pregnancy.

Now that laws have been changed and high schools are able to discuss sexual topics, still 51% of the United States high schools teach abstinence Abstinence is to avoid all sexual contact between you and another person Reality is during your teenage years the majority of teens do the opposite of what you tell them.

If high school classes made it more clearly about contraceptives and the risks of sexually transmitted infection students would be more aware of the consequences Describing consequence that you may face if contraceptives are not used such as; sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy. As, years go on the rates for teenage pregnancy and STI’s are drastically increasing.

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If you were to walk into a high school and pick four random students one of them would have a STI.

The majority of the students that have contracted and STI are unaware that they are infected and the ones who are aware do not know how to be cured. Sexual education in high school does not limit to STl’s and teenage pregnancy, many students need to be informed of the way their bodies are changing. Puberty hits at a wide variety of ages and many do not have an explanation for why their bodies are changing. Increased sex drive, acne, hair growth and increased appetite are just a few changes that need to be addressed During this period students begin to become more sexually curious, and begin exploring with others. With little or no education students are unaware that condoms, birth control and even abstinence are a few contraceptives they have to choose from.

While other students may be experiencing without contraceptives they maybe passing STI’s or even become young parentsi Teenage pregnancy is a growing debate and topic that is affecting the world’s youth across the United States.  After having a few discussions with fellow peers about their sexual experience leading to teen pregnancy, many felt they were under educated A conversation with a student who is now 19 years old gave birth to her child at 16, she stated that she didn’t know what a condom or birth control was This is an epidemic while many parents and schools believe teens should not have sex, the reality again is they are going to do what they want Avoiding ever teens nightmare is simple accept the fact that they need to be more educated on sexual topics. Schools bring up funding into the mixture; this is a selfish topic to even consider with this matter.

Funding may be a bump in the road but consider the costly doctors visits and the costs of diapers for a 16 year old student, or the lifetime of medicine or doctors visits for those who contract and STI. Extending thigh school sex education may cost the school extra money but overall save teenagers the extra costs of mistakes that could have been prevented due to more education. In conclusion, high school to change the quarter of health class to a semester of sex education. This will reduce teenage pregnancy and the passing of sexually transmitted infections With a little funding and extra information school are able to educate and change students views on sexual intercourse. This is a growing debate and is a matter that will never go away. It’s simple people have sex and there are consequences, but with every consequence there is something to be learned to prevent it from happening.

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