Research Proposal On Reading Difficulties

Reading skills are the skills which are appropriate for people and say much about their intelligence. Reading is the ability to perceive and understand written or printed symbols called letters. People started writing several thousands of years ago and it was a great development of the human civilization and the revolution in the development of knowledge. When people started to record facts about their life and develop different genres of literature, the necessity of being able to read became really urgent.

With the run of time people wrote and printed more and more books and the role of a book became really great. For several centuries the book has been the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Today every child is taught to read, because without reading he will not manage to live in the human society and achieve something in life. Reading touches upon everything people do. Education, health care, art, law, business, finance, engineering, etc. – everything requires well-developed reading skills.

Reading skills appear during the long process of teaching and practice. Children have to read much, especially aloud, to be able to read fast and remember the read information. There are special methods which make the process of teaching reading skills faster and more effective. Special techniques enable one read the whole page for a few seconds and remember the whole data. There are courses which teach people to master such skills.

Research Proposal On Reading Difficulties

Reading skills influence the general level of human knowledge and intelligence, so children should be taught reading from the early yearly years.

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Research Proposal On Reading Difficulties
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