The Difficulties of Unrequited Love between Friends

Love is an unexplainable feeling and sacrificing is a matter of choice Love is not perfect, One should cry and one should smile, You cannot hold onto happiness in this world full of games. As what Trevor said in the story “Game called Love”, “In a Game called Love, the first one who Falls is the loser”, That is right, love is a game, Why? Because in love, you need to be brave enough to take a risk for your happiness and for the happiness of the one you love, Love is sweet, But, it can make things complicated, Friendship gets complicated when tangled up with love Love can make people happy but it can also make us look stupid.

One thing true about love is we cannot control whom we fall in love with, we will just be surprised if we find out that we are already in love with someone, and sometimes that someone is the person who cannot love you back.

Friendship gets complicated when tangled up with love. Most of the people in this kind of situation choose to hide their feelings rather than confessing it to the person they love.

It is because they are not brave enough and they are not ready to accept whatever will be the outcome of their confession They are afraid that if they will confess the person will avoid them That is why they Are afraid to confess their feeling, I believe that confessing is a tough thing and it can only be done by a brave person who is ready to accept whatever the outcome will be And most of the people in “friendzone” situation chose to hide their romantic feelings towards their friend because they are afraid that it can ruin their friendship.

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Life sucks when you love someone who is in love with your friend, especially when that someone approaches you and asks your help to help him for your friend, It will prove that words hurt a lot more than actions, especially when the words were “Help me get together with your friend”. Since you are in love with that person, you cannot reject his plead and you will help him But then, you will realize in the end how stupid you were for helping the person you love.

From the very start you already know that it can hurt you big time, you still do because you are thinking that it will make you close to that person and you know that it will make him happy, even if you know that it will hurt you more. When you are in love, you do everything even though it makes you look stupid. you are willing to be his toy or something, for his happiness. You will do anything for him, even if it involves using you. Love is about happiness. And you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness to make him happy You will always be at his side until the end even if he does not want you there. When you are in love, it is like you want to prove that you can teach someone’s heart to love someone and to forget another even though you know you cannot do it. You are taking risks for the thing you are not sure of. Love is not perfect. One should cry and one should smile. But the best thing about love is sacrifice.

That is how genuine love becomes. But, love has limitations. Not all the time you need to sacrifice your happiness for others to become happy. Sometimes, it will be great if you will just let it go, accept that you are not meant for each other. To love is to learn and in order for you to learn, you need to be hurt and further be loved. If the one you love is happy with the one he loves, then you should set him free because whatever you do, you cannot teach his heart to love you. Always remember letting go is not being weak but it is being brave enough to accept that he is not meant for you it’s not easy to love a person who you do not know if he can love you back. In love, we are always expecting happy endings. But, before that comes, many obstacles must be taken. We are not sure if our love life will be a happy ending. But, just take the risks, grab the opportunities and don’t lose chances. Fight when you it is still worth fighting for, but, when you see it is not worth it learn to let go. Because in love it does not matter if you let go in the end, what matters more is rhat you know that you do everything to fight your lover.

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