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Climate change is the diversity of the climate and weather patterns of the planet and its particular areas which is measured with millions of years and the latest decades. The weather of the planet is the unstable and very sensitive phenomenon which depends on a great number of factors. The weather of the particular areas changes constantly, but the speed of these changes has been very slow till the latest decades. Thousands of years the weather was stable and the climate of the planet did not face any radical diversities.

Unfortunately, with the grow of population and careless human activity the climate on the planet is becoming to change gradually. Because of the pollution and deforestation such problems as acid rains and greenhouse effect appear which raise the average temperature on the planet.

Essay Example on Climate Change Topic Proposal

It is obvious that the global warming up process is developing very fast and the planet’s temperature rises with every new year.

Evidently, if the average temperature rises in two degrees, the life on Earth will change totally. The ice of the South and North Poles is the best example of the active global warming up process, because it melts quite fast. As a result the sea level rises as well and very soon vast territories of the world will become under water. This will provoke hunger, wars, diseases, etc, because people will not have place to live and it will be impossible to provide people with food because of the lack of territory.

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Such a sad future waits for people, if we do not stop exhausting our planet and use its wealth without responsibility.

Climate change is an urgent and serious problem of the human civilization and scholars all over the world try to find effective solutions to this problem. A successful climate change research proposal is expected to be informative, brief, accurate and logical. Moreover, the list of the effective methods and solutions which will help to stop the process of climate change is supposed to be the crown of the proposal carrying its sense and value. If a student manages to convince the professor in the importance of the topic and provides him with the reliable methods of research and wise ideas, the paper will probably be approved.

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