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The sample essay on Example Of Position Paper About Climate Change deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.

Studies do indeed show that our planet is getting warmer, but is this due to global warming entirely? Our great scientists in our country have been acquiring data for many years now, but the vote that global warming is a major epidemic is not unanimous.

In fact many scientists argue strongly against the idea, and provide their own logical explanations on why our world is warming. With the two different sides of this growing proposed problem in our society today, how is one common citizen supposed to choose what they believe? No matter the amount of information provided, or how serious the matter will be, humans by general understanding will create and form their own opinions based upon what they want and choose to believe.

Global warming is attempted to be solved and thoroughly figured out by hundreds of different scientists all over the world. These men and women are entrusted with providing the population with solid facts to show whether or not the world is warming at an alarming rate or if it is not.

The most common answer heard over our nation, would be that global warming does indeed exist due to us humans, and the constant gases we emit into our atmosphere. Between factories, pollution, cars, etc. This is something that would be easily rover to be true whether in a science lab or by an everyday person.

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These gases are said to have a deteriorating effect on our atmosphere, allowing heat to be trapped, and not released when the sun is no longer present. This is also referred to as the greenhouse effect.

For a green house lets light in when it is Sunday with its transparent roof and sides, it traps the warmth that was given from the sun inside so the proper plants and so on could grow and mature properly. While the “greenhouse effect,” is speculated between different experts, it is believed to contribute a slight rise in temperature. Although the rise is not substantial, it does raise concern for our future generations on the earth. Going against the global warming idea is not as popular as going with the idea. In fact, popularity is what gives global warming a key right into our population, and enforces the idea to be a serious issue.

Thesis Position Paper

After AY Gore came out with his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” an uproar started for Gore was recently is the election race for president. When the public sees a popular face on television, and hears and sees them all over the media, one can only expect to agree with what is in concern. For it is not their job to question or a sensible thing to do when they are not a global warming expert, quite honestly, research has shown that no one can really dub themselves as a “Global Warming Expert. Current research has shown one idea that does help falsify the idea of manmade global warming. As stated before, the greenhouse effect explains the trapped gases that we emit into our atmosphere.

Now one of these gases is Carbon Dioxide, or in shorter terms ICC. It has been said by Global Warming activists claim that carbon levels in our atmosphere contribute to the heating up of our planet. Right now in America, our Carbon Dioxide levels are at an all time high. This is due mostly to the burning of fossil fuels, coal being the largest. Now it’s simple to understand that if Carbon levels are high, temperature will also be high then.

This information does not match up throughout history. After thorough research, it is shown that the carbon levels on our earth did not go on the rise until after the temperature Was on an increase. Meanings that the relationship between the two would not be significant or at least not as much as some claim them to be. Another supporting fact of this idea is the Medieval Warm Period. ” This period of time was hundreds of years ago, where the temperature was recorded to be one of the highest on record.

Now during this time the average temperature measured more than three degrees higher than it is today. But going back to the Carbon Dioxide idea, how is this possible. Obviously hundreds of years ago, factories did not exist, fossil fuels were not being burned, and the population level was not even close to what it is now. So the carbon levels were almost nonexistent, so this poses the question of why was there a major rise in temperature. Another era which did not match the idea was during the early sass’s it began.

During this time, large ICC emissions began because of massive industrialization and a large amount of factories. The ICC levels were sky rocketing and set record heights. Although, temperatures were on the decline. The temperature was on the steady decline for almost four decades after that. Obviously the Carbon level affecting the temperature idea is a little off or not fully proven.

Another idea that is not publicized as much as personally believe it should be is the idea of constant climate changing throughout the earth’s existence. It is understandable to say that this is a very vague and bold statement to make, but when looked more in to depth, it makes sense. Scientists have proven that we have had multiple “ice gags,” occur on our earth throughout time. There is no proven, definitive reason on why this happened. So my question is, if the earth can reach temperatures that are frigid enough to lay sheets Of ice over the majority Of the earth, the temperature must have warmed up somehow for the ice to melt and reach the climate we have today.

But if there were no population, no factories, barely if any Carbon Dioxide levels, how did this happen? The idea of constant clime change needs to be taken more in to favor. Blaming the population on our climate change could be a wrong statement, climate change could be very natural, and we could possibly see a decrease in temperature in the near future that would stun the world, but anything is possible. While respect the scientists who research and strive to make our world a safer place, I respectfully disagree with the idea of global warming. Not in all its entirety, just for the fact that many believe that is all due to the cause of man. I believe in the natural cause of climate change, and believe the world is hanging little by little every single day.

There is so much history of our planet that we don’t know, and probably never will now about. The lack of definite facts also makes me question. If a climate change occurred plenty of times throughout history, why is the most modern one causing an uproar? The global warming epidemic caused a huge amount of concern and has created many companies, foundations, etc. To try to collect profit to support global warming research and studies. Thus, one could argue that global warming could be money making hoax, an inflated problem brought to the public to et money out of our pockets.

But that is also just a theory that cannot be proven. Over time more questions will be answered, and our advancement of technology will provide more answers that will help these debatable topics. Do not mean to offend those who do believe in global warming, and I myself am not even sure what I truly believe, but what I do believe is that each person is entitled to their own opinion, and owe it to themselves to take the time to actually research global warming and decide what it is that they believe, instead of going along with the general population.

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Example Of Position Paper About Climate Change
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