What Is The Most Important Consequence Of Climate Change Dbq

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The world also burns many fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil which produce green house gases in excessive amounts. The greenhouse gases rise into the atmosphere and prevent heat from escaping. (Document G) That means there are warmer climates which cause many problems. For example, warmer weather provides grounds for insects like malaria-carrying mosquitoes. (Document G) One thing that affects the atmosphere very much is cars. The pollution from cars kills animals, plants, and other organisms.

Document F) Organisms have to be rescued, if they continue dying, the world will be left with no resources.

If people just walked instead of using a car at least a day of each week, many organisms would be saved. The government has many options they could take to reduce greenhouse gases, for example The Kyoto Protocol. (Document K) The problem is that they don’t believe it is happening. Over the past century, sea levels have been rising more and more. (Document A) That has to do with global warming, because glaciers let and seal levels rise.

Scientists have proved this and other things that have to do with global warming but scientists can’t do much about it. It is all in the governments hands. (Document B) The government could stop global warming if they got their hands to it. The government has the power to defeat global warming. If the world does not stop global warming, there will be many deaths, illnesses, and other problems worldwide. Global warming is real and it is a major issue.

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It has to be stopped before it is too late.

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What Is The Most Important Consequence Of Climate Change Dbq
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