The History of Bowling.

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Bowling is a game that was popularized in the United States and is to reverse the pins with a ball.

Bowling is a game with six or ten pins, developed in the nineteenth century in the northeastern United States. The federation American Bowling Congress was founded on September 9 1895. The first championship was held in Chicago in 1901.

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The track (or driveway) for bowling is 1.06 m wide and 16.98 m (60 feet) in length. The arrows are located 15 feet from the foul line (environ 4,7 m).

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Since the early 1990, synthetic coatings melamine have gradually replaced the maple tracks in favor of reduced maintenance and improved stability conditions. The track is bordered by two ditches, called also scuppers or gutters. The track has a special oiling, that is to say that the track is oiled on 39 or top 45 feet (11.

9 m to 13.7 m) of the track of a gradual manner and the remaining quarter is sometimes left dry. This difference in roughness affects the curve of the ball at the end of the track and is called the breaking point. Indeed, it will turn on itself on the oiled surface and then “hang” on the dry rolling away, resulting in a change of direction.

If the ball leaves the track, it is collected by gutters and re-routed back by a rail system; no points are then harvested.

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The approach zone, separated from the track by the “foul line” measure 4.87 m (15 feet). The tracks are elevated from the ground for 38 cm to 43 cm in order to place under it the ball returning system.

Bowling pins are 38.1 cm high with a minimum weight of 1.4 kg each. The ball has weigh ranging from 2.7 to 7.258 kg (6-16 lbs). The bowling is of American origin that is why the balls wear matching numbers to their weight in pounds.

It is possible to have your own ball, a specific weight, drilled to the size of your hand and fingers and the color of choice, allowing a better game.

There are different types of balls:

woody balls (without stones that roll in a straight line on the track); the follower balls (which allow the ball to have a curved path).

Bowling has ten tiles (or 10 frames). Each player throws two balls to each tile, except in cases of strike. A strike is to break down all ten pins with the first ball. The spare is to break down all ten pins with two consecutive shots of the tile.

Thus, the perfect mark is 300 points for twelve consecutive strikes.

The two main events are the world championship, created in 1969, and the Europe. Each country organizes, also recognized by their federation such as internal competitions: individual national championships and teams in the regional and district championships, a club championship, an inter-team championship…

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