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Topics: Company, Inc. is an American e-commerce business company based in Seattle, Washington.

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American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos founded Amazon Company in 1994, and the site was started in 1995. The company name honors the Amazon River, the deepest in the world. When opened, the books was the only product for sale. In June 1998, the Company expanded the range of goods with music CDs, and with video products in November of 1998. Later, the Company diversified its goods, now the range includes all types of entertainment products: software, MP3-recording, electronics, video games, furniture, clothing, toys, and food.

In 2012, the company employed 51,300 people worldwide and has established, in addition to the original U.S. site, the specific sites for the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Brazil, and Japan.

Amazon with Google, Apple, and Facebook forms the Big Four of the Internet.

For those college and university students, who have chosen to write their research proposal on Amazon Company, there is a procedure, which allows them to write interesting and accurate scientific text in compliance with the set of rules of the proper research project structuring and composing.

First and foremost, you should remember that the main text of the paper have to contains the key idea and it should reflect a careful and detailed study of the subject of the research. Typically, it consists of three main sections: 1) the methodology, 2) the results and analysis of the data, and 3) a discussion.

When you refer to someone else’s paper, do not make the reference to this or that work exactly the same way it is done in other papers.

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For example, if a certain paper X argues that paper Y had shown some results, check if there is actually something to be sure of the truth of this statement, before you repeat it in your work. The number of reputable authors, who misunderstood the results received by their colleagues, is stunning.

If you make an additional experiment, write your manuscript so that the carrying out of this experiment be clearly described. Be honest and accurate. Take positively all the constructive criticism you can get. Use only reliable sources of information and use only verified facts. Take your task seriously and do not divert your attention from the main line of your investigation. Make sure that the text of your research paper is argumentative and interesting – it will double your readers.

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