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Death-maybe It was one thing or maybe it was another. But still, it all falls down to one man (or one woman) lying, waiting to affably having themselves burled while their ‘loved’ ones mourn, grieve, or even dramatically act as though thieve affected as the eulogy or the final blessing is delivered. But that one depends on culture, and maybe the background of the deceased. But still the celebration of someone who passed away is considered “celestial birthday party”. Death is celebrated as though it was birth.

Thus, preparation is needed and is accordingly applied. The discussion about the movie ‘Departures’ about the preparation of the deceased would be elaborated through this, or my, reaction paper. The movie “Departures”, embraces the cultural value of Japanese society In accordance about their dead. Departures was very insightful into its depiction of the many facets of life and death. Although this film about a man who lost his Job being a cello player in orchestral group and ended up with the practice of “preparing” the dead, it is more focused on showing the unique burial process in Japan’s culture.

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The protagonist named “Adagio” had an argument tit his friend and his wife In the choice of his new job. I understood why his friend, along with his wife had doubt about his work, because, personally, I also agree that It is very unusual to work with the deceased especially help them in preparation for their travel. But still he stood in his ground and pursued his new Job, never forgetting his love and passion for cello playing.

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When he is depressed after his wife left him, he made as his emotional outlet leading him to survive each passing day with the strength to work harder and move forward, Before I watched this movie, I had no Idea hat the bodies were prepared directly In front of the family; kind of creepy In my opinion. This movie is quite lively despite Its focus upon death. It Is a highly enjoyable movie, you can learn a lot of moral lessons, like, always be prepared as to what will happen and enjoy every second with your loved ones before they are gone.

This movie has taught as, personally, not to wait for any person to pass before actually treasuring and realizing how important they are to us. It had a remarkable storyline that showed the uniqueness of Japan’s culture. In the movie, I saw rituals hat are only followed by few, yet are greatly valued since It represents the sendoff of a person that was once living and breathing with us. After watching this film, I felt that I respected for those people who are involved in funeral processes, more than before. It is a job that is often times looked upon as dull, depressing and pessimistic.

However, this film also portrays this profession in a positive light that allows us to respect the traditional funeral process that remains existent because of the effort these people. Distaffs mall Job can be called insufficient, the movie depicted the exact meaning of the term: ritual of preparing the deceased conducted In front of grieving family members. This complex process involves an almost radicalized washing, meticulous grooming and careful disrobing and clothing, once more, of the deceased. All this done while exposing a little or no skin to preserve the dignity of the dead.

The disposition or conclusion of this movie is my favorite, when Mike, Adagios wife, returned after a few months with the news that she was pregnant, hoping her unsound would change Into another Jon. But, seen was addle to accept near anaconda’s reversion when she handedly witnessed the Job Adagio had. She stood, an inspector of her husband as he groomed a family friend and an owner of the bath house. It also dishearten me because the owner celebrated her last Christmas Just with a friend and not with her family.

At the same time it made me angry with her son that always forced her to sell the bath house so that he can build a condominium on the spot. When his mother died he repented and said sorry to his mother, but it was already too late, cannot hear her forgiveness. But the most touching part was when Adagio saw his father for the last time. He remembered the forgotten face of his man, because he was still young when his father ran away with their waitress. He Just kept it himself how angry he was to his father.

His mother was the only one who worked hard to raise him. But when he saw him again, he gained back his love for his father, especially when he notice the stone that the man were kept on his hands. The stone symbolizes their promises to each other but not granted, due to the reason his father ran away with another girl. Adagio, when he still young, he gave a small white stone and symbolizes how pure and loved his father He was the one who prepared his ether for his departure and forgave him for what he had done in the past. I really like this film.

The plot was plausible and the theme was unique but appealing. It is a kind of film that depicts culture, life and also death. Acceptance, grieving and moving on. It also deliver the importance of time and relevance. That part of human ignorance and arrogance that we should avoid in order to neglect regret and to live life happily, contented and peacefully before death actually slaps us in face and gives of how we are more unfair than reality. Thus, I conclude that this film is actually a film worth watching and learning from.

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