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1) In “Pleasantville” the TV repairman is a symbol, and can be interpreted as a god. Once bud and Jennifer are put into the show Jennifer quickly starts changing Pleasantville reality. There is a scene in the movie where right after the first couple of days in Pleasantville the TV repairman comes on and tells them they are in a paradise, however the way they have been acting he has the ability and power to take them out if they continue to cause chaos and change Pleasantville.

This ties into the chapter on the Bible and God. The TV repairman is God, Pleasantville is paradise and Bud and Jennifer symbolize Adam and Eve. Just as God exiled Adam and Eve from the garden so the repairman can exile Bud and Jennifer, however he does not. They are in paradise or garden, and causing chaos or eating the forbidden fruit they can easily be exiled them from Pleasantville.

2) In the city of Pleasantville everything is the same, always. The weather was always sunny skies and beautiful, however everything changed once Bud and Jennifer started to change and rewrite Pleasantville’s history. In the later scenes of the movie it starts to rain, which as explained before this has never happened. Buddhism claims that the world is in constant impermanence, which means everything is constantly changing, and the way people interpret life is the way it affects us. The rain makes the people of uneasy and terrified to be outside and under the rain, but Bud is happy and goes out to play under the rain.

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The way both parties interpreted it was different and goes to show that people interpret things different in time of change.

3) “Repression is the basic ‘defense mechanism’, by which people attempt to avoid inner conflict,” (TTHN 214). In a scene from “Pleasantville” Betty Parker is changing from grey to color and is crying because of the change. She then asks Bud to use makeup to cover her up so that she can be grey to avoid co…

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