Pleasantville Analysis Essay

Ross demonstrates the change of perspective through the realization of one’s potential. It Is the discovery of this potential that In turn changes ones outlook on the world around them and In turn the perspective of the people around them. The character Betty is a perfect example of alteration of one’s perspective. Betty learns that she has more potential than a housewife. When Betty’s outlook is altered, her social role, attitudes and values are altered as well.

In Pleasantries the people came divided as they discovered their potential to make their own choices and began to express their own emotions.

Betty left her role as a housewife and realized her lust for the milk bar owner. The use of color was used to portray the notion of change and altered perspective. When a person’s perspective was altered they would become colored (as opposed to black and white) as well as a piece of the world around them.

The Inevitability of change Is expressed through the supporting characters futile attempts to prevent It. FALL Change is a major theme in the animated series FALL. Much of the plot has to do with Manta’s progressive change of attitude and perspective due to an unlikely encounter with a strange girl named Hard-Hard Hark. When we first see Anita, he’s a kid trying to act like and adult, as many kids do, and even criticizes others’ lack of maturity. His first encounter with Hark leads him to remark that she’s “a stupid adult who refuses to grow up”.

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And he gets quite frustrated with his father in the first episode hen he goes Into his living room to find Hark has been hired as their housekeeper. One way change is shown In FALL Is through a quote at the beginning “Nothing amazing happens here. Everything Is ordinary. A huge factory that can be seen from our town, the Medical Mechanic plant, all the adults got exited when it came here like it was really a big deal, but nothing changed”. This quote shows the way significant changes seldom happen in a small country town like Mambas and even when they do, normalcy returns quickly.

Everyday large amounts of white smoke billow forth from the medical mechanic factory which is seen as a sort of barrier around the town which symbolizes how Mambas is cut off from the rest of the world. Anita is a perfect example of someone resisting change to the fullest extent. This is represented by his reluctance to “swing the bat” which is used as an extended metaphor to show his reluctance to accept change in the form of trying new things because as professional hockey player Wayne Greeter said “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

Therefore if you don’t try then monotony will resume. The other mall character Hard-Hard Hark Is seen as a kind Implement of change forcing Anita to adapt to changes in his environment and eventually in pep to cause changes wanly Is snow tongue near motivating NV Into “swelling ten oat” wanly drastically changes his perspective and forces him to accept constant change as a regular part of his life. **SONG** Comparison Unlike Pleasantries FALL is about the change of one kid not an entire world and isn’t as upfront and obvious about it.

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