Specific Symbols Used by James Joyce in Eveline

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Even though “Beeline” is a very short story, James Joyce n to only successfully portrays her dilemma and inner conflicts but he also lets the read ere feel his time’s difficulties in Dublin. He does not tell these things to reader directly but he chi shoes the words so appropriately and he depicts the characters so successfully that despite the e first impression they make on the reader, these symbols refer to different meanings. Firstly, Beeline is not just an ordinary character who is in a dilemma whether t o stay or to go but also she is a representative of all “women under patriarchy” (Change 01).

She is a young girl who has a lot of responsibilities, especially after her mother’s last w sis from her to “keep the home together as long as she could” Joyce 33). She is doing all the chores on her own; besides, she also works at the Stores to earn money for the expenses of the house.

However, she gets no appreciation from her father, he even takes her money. When we look at the condition of Dublin in that period it can be seen easily that not only Evelyn e, but also other women experience similar hardships in their lives.

Wall expresses his ideas a out the reason of this situation as following: … Economic deprivation drove millions abroad. For those who remained, pope arty was widespread, jobs few and precarious, salaries meager, and opportunities for a advancement rare (33). “Most girls in economically depressed Ireland, facing long delays in marrying a ND perhaps eventual spinsterhood, had to work in the home, in family enterprises, or at o outside jobs” (37).

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We can conclude that Beeline is one of the victims of Dublin life.

But she is the e lucky one who has an opportunity to escape from Dubbing’s patriarchal society and her d mommies life. However, she is so deeply attached to this domestic life that, even the slightest t things change her mind about going with Frank. When she is sitting at home, looking at the ” familiar objects” (Joyce 32), she feels upset due to the possibility that “she would never r see again these familiar objects from which she had never dreamed of being divided” (Joyce 3 2). Beeline remembers how nice her father could be sometimes even though he almost a Sways behaves rude towards her.

On the other hand, she thinks “Frank would save her. He w loud give her life, perhaps love, too” (Joyce 35). But it is understand from Beeline’s words the t male figures have an enormous effect on even the most important decision of her life. She does not want to go because she feels sorry to leave her father alone in his Old ages whereas s he thinks “Could she still draw back after all he had for her? ” (Joyce 35). She attaches less imp rattan to what she really wants than she cares about men in her life.

Another thing that is not directly told but is symbolized through the character paralysis. Paralysis means being unable to function or act. ” He [Joyce] said Du blinders was a looking’s in which the Irish people could see themselves and their paralysis ” (wall 31 In those times people of Ireland lives poor, dull and unproductive lives but the eye did not make an effort to change their current situations. Jockey’s description of Beeline at the e end Of the story shows us this paralysis. “She set her white face to him, passive, like a heel Pleas animal.

Her eyes gave no sign of love or farewell or recognition” (Joyce 37). She does n to act, stays motionless, like a paralyzed person and cannot escape from her dusty house and probably turns back to her immobile position sitting at the window. Change states “Nun able to choose action over paralysis, she condemns herself to the prison of her distilled little e brown house, eschewing the freedom of potentially good air for the hard life… ” (103). The male characters in the story symbolism different meanings.

For instance ,t he father of Beeline is another representative of Edibleness and Dublin life like Beeline, ” a symbol of that green isle [Dublin]” (Florid). He is usually drunk, behaves rude to his child Rene and does not care about her family at all. He also symbolizes Beeline’s past. In contrast to the father, the other male character Frank symbolizes the future and a happy life for Beeline. He is a way for her to escape from her miserable life and a chance to get married and to gag n a respectable life since she thinks that being married leads “people would treat her with respect t… (Joyce 33). Beside of these important symbols represented by characters, there are the r minor symbols in “Beeline”. For instance, “dust”(Joyce 32), symbolizes the dusty air o f Dublin. According to Change it also represents a familiar sense that makes Beeline feel secure and comfort in contrast to Godard of Buenos Aries (102). As we can understand, B menus Aries is another symbol whose meaning is good air; in other words, good life. To sum up, “Beeline” by James Joyce is a story of a young girl and her dilemma between staying or leaving.

However, Jockey’s writing skills do not let the story tell only about this poor girl. His descriptions and usage of words are so masterful that they symbolism many different meanings in the stow, and when the readers get these hidden mean inns, they feel like they are in the story.

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Specific Symbols Used by James Joyce in Eveline
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