Part 1: Epic Poetry: Gilgamesh 90%

Which statement best describes the epic feature used in this excerpt and its effect on the plot?

Enkidu said, “Don’t worry, my friend,
the dream you had is a favorable one.

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The eagle that you saw, with a lion’s head,
stands for Humbaba. Though it dived straight toward you
and terrifying flames shot from its mouth,
nothing could cause you harm. The young man
who came to your rescue was our lord, Shamash.
He will stand beside us when the monster attacks.

Whatever happens, we will prevail.”

The intervention of the supernatural gives Gilgamesh hope that he will defeat Humbaba.

Which best defines the word repetition in epic poetry?
The recurrence of words and phrases for a specific effect

Why is repetition an important part of an epic’s structure? Check all that apply.
1. It allows poets to remember and retell the poem.
2. It helps the audience absorb the poem.
3. It creates a rhythmic pattern.
4. It emphasizes important ideas.

What effect does Lord Shamash’s intervention have on the epic?

Then, from heaven, the voice of the god
called to Gilgamesh: “Hurry, attack,
attack Humbaba while the time is right,
before he enters the depths of the forest,
before he can hide there and wrap himself
in his seven auras with their paralyzing glare.
He is wearing just one now. Attack him! Now!”

It encourages Gilgamesh to fight and adds excitement for the audience.

Based on the excerpt, how will Lord Shamash most likely affect the battle with Humbaba?

Enkidu said, “Don’t worry, my friend,
the dream you had is a favorable one.
Again, the mountain stands for Humbaba.
He threw you down, but he could not kill you.
As for the handsome young man who appeared,
he stands for Lord Shamash, who will rescue you
and grant you everything you desire.”

Lord Shamash will help Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba.

Which statement best describes how Gilgamesh’s dreams affect the plot of Gilgamesh: A New English Version?
The dreams create conflict and suspense

Which detail from Gilgamesh: A New English Version best illustrates a courageous hero?
Gilgamesh standing at edge of the Cedar Forest, ready to battle Humbaba

Based on the excerpt, which statement best describes Humbaba’s effect on the epic’s plot?

Enkidu said, “Don’t worry, my friend,
the dream you had is a favorable one.
The fiery heavens stand for Humbaba,
who tried to kill you with lightning and flames.
But in spite of the fire, he could not harm you.”

Humbaba creates tension and suspense in the story.

Which feature of epic poetry does this excerpt most clearly show?

The man who pulled you up from the ground
and gave you fresh water from his waterskin
is Lugalbanda, your personal god.
With his help, we will achieve a triumph
greater than any man has achieved.

Supernatural forces, such as gods or monsters, that intervene

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