Don Quixote and The Epic of Gilgamesh

In the story of “Don Quixote” we are introduced to many people who met Don Quixote himself our main character Quixote has a huge imagination of many stories and adventures he wants to “accomplish in his life. Despite what others say and his age and he wants to go on with his imagination until the day he dies. This story relates a lot to “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and the story of “A Thousand and One Night” they both relate a lot to Don Quixote on how imagination, storytelling and accomplishments take a huge role in the story.

In the early seventeenth century in a little village in the region of Spain lived a old, wealthy man named Alonso Quixote. He enjoyed storied about knights, fair ladies, adventures and dangerous encounters. But these books he reads are not enough to him that is when he decides he will become an adventuring knight himself. That is when he gives himself the name of “Don Quixote” and begins his journey of the adventures in his mind.

He started to look for an old armor knight suit that used to belong to his great-grandfather and also makes him a helmet. He brings his horse with him to help him on these journeys which his horse is just as slow and as old as he is but in his eyes his horse is one of the best ones ever and he names him “Rocinante”. In Quixote mind there is a lady named “Aldonzo” she is a peasant from a nearby town of Toboso he thinks that she chooses to fight and love him from a far.

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Quixote has only heard of her and never actually y seen her or meet her. He says that she is worth fighting for and worth his journey to go find her but in reality it’s all in his mind. So we think! He continues out to the world with his horse and he comes across many people. Many people look at him crazy thinking many things are wrong with him people think he has lost his mind and sanity.

The story of Don Quixote reminds me of one of the stores that we read in class “The Epic of Gilgamesh” The story explains a king who goes by the name of Gilgamesh who is king of Uruk who was made “perfect” by the Gods he was made two thirds God and one third man. At first Gilgamesh comes off as an ignorant, bully, cruel, man full of himself. People then think he is a bad man and not worthy to be a ruler. Just like people looked at Don Quixote crazy people also had their impressions of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh did many wrong things in his life but he also did many things to make up for it at the end. He wanted to go out his way to leave a remarkable memory on his people of his kingdom. ‘Go on closer, do not be afraid! Should I fall, I will have established my fame!’ (2.228-237.). Gilgamesh says this quote; his meaning towards it is that he will have to face death itself one day. He is aware that everyone will die one day and he will do everything in his will to change his image to those he has let down to make his name worth and meaningful when he dies. Just like Don Quixote did before he died he also made true to leave a memory on many people to follow your dreams and adventures no matter what people think or thought about you. I think both Gilgamesh and Don Quixote both relate to dealing with others about the same way.

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