Literature-Epic of Gilgamesh Characters

King of Uruk, the strongest of men, and the personification of all human virtues.

A city.

Companion and friend of Gilgamesh.

The temple prostitute who tames Enkidu by seducing him away from his natural state.

The fearsome demon who guards the Cedar Forest forbidden to mortals.

The mother of Gilgamesh, also call the Lady Wildcow Ninsun.

The sun god,brother of Ishtar, and patron of Gilgamesh.

The glorious realm of the gods of Mesopotamian mythology.

Cedar Forest

God of earth, wind, and air. A superior deity, Enlil is not very fond of humankind.

The father of the gods and the god of the firmament.

The god of fresh water, crafts, and wisdom, a patron of human kind. Ea lives in Apsu, the primal waters below the Earth.

The goddess of love and fertility, as well as the goddess of war. She is the patroness of Uruk, where she has a temple.



The twin-peaked mountain.

Guardian, with his wife, of the twin-peaked mountain called Mashu, which Shamash the sun god travels through every night.
Scorpion Men

The goddess of wine-making and brewing. Also is the veiled tavern keeper who comforts Gilgamesh and who, though she knows his quest is futile, helps him on his way to Utnapishtim.

The guardian of the mysterious “stone things.” Urshanabi pilots a small ferryboat across the Waters of Death to the Far Away place where Utnapishtim lives.

A king and priest of Shurrupak, whose name translates as “He Who Saw Life.

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” By the god Ea’s connivance, Utnapishtim survived the great deluge that almost destroyed all life on Earth by building a great boat that carried him, his family, and one of every living creature to safety.


Someting that almost destroyed the whole world.
Flood Story

Someone who stole Gilgamesh’s flower of eternal life.

Something that Gilgamesh got to stay young; stolen from him by a serpent.
Flower of Eternal Life

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