Ethical And Legal Issues In Business Communication

BTEC Level 3 Diploma Business Unit 4: Business Communications P6 Legal and Ethical issues of Business Communication Process What are the operational issues in relation to using ICT in the College and how does the organization deal with them? * Introduction – What your report is about In this task, I will be talking about the legal and ethical issues of business communications process. I will be explaining the security of information, backups, healthy and safety, organizational policies and business continuous plans. * What are the operational issues that a business will encounter in its business communication? Security of information Information security management deals with maintaining the integrity and availability of organizational information and knowledge.

Much information security management focuses upon digital data; however, the subject also covers records and knowledge management. It is important for the college to have the right information available as and when they need it, in order to make good decisions. For this reason, many colleges (schools) keep their information on IT systems, but as the reliance on technology increases, so does the risk posed by system failure and malicious attacks (for example, viruses).

The IT security policy should take account of the common risks to the information that the college relies upon. This policy might include secure login identification for using IT system and controls that limit access to information. * Backups Large businesses have developed business community programmes to try to minimize the risk of losing vital college information stored on IT service. This involves producing backups of information’s stored on the servers – some schools will create a backup every hour, while others will do so less requently this means that if the live information is destroyed or damaged, a copy is available so the business can continue with as little description as possible.

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Backups are stored on separate hardware for the live versions of the information. For example, a business might have a dedicated server to backup information. This means that if the whole of the live system is affected, the backup information is not lost along with the live information. * Health and safety St Charles College strives for excellence in everything they do. Health and safety is top in this and it is considered an essential part of management process.

Unit 4 Business Communication

The college intend to continually improve their health and safety management systems and expect all of staff, students, visitors and contractors to actively participate in this process. Following the policies, procedures and guidance will enable you to meet and where necessary, to exceed the requirements of regulation. College provides and maintains a safe and healthy environment in which you can work, study, visit and enjoy yourself. Your business has legal responsibilities to provide safe and healthy conditions for your employees, customers, suppliers and anyone else who could be affected by your activities.

Your business can also benefit from good health and safety at work. Effective health and safety practices pay for themselves, because they help you avoid staff illness, accidents and the costs associated with them. They can also improve your reputation with customers, regulators and employees. * Organizational policies Organisational policies that relate to the use of business information can help make sure that decision effecting staff: are understandable and consistent, meet legal requirements, take full account of their impact, and contribute to productive working relationships. olicies help make sure that staff have guidance to help them comply with legislation – for example, an organizational policy on the storage and usage of customer data should work within the requirements of the data protection act. They should also help ensure that consistent decisions are made, which can be as important in internal communications as they are in handling customers. * Business continuance plans This is the steps that a college puts into place to make sure it is capable of surviving a worst – case scenario.

One step in the continuance programme might be to make sure the company is producing regular backups of its information. The business might consider natural disasters (such as flooding or fire), accidents (such as a deliberate breach of security, or hacking into the computer system) in its planning. As a result of the plan, employees may need to change the way they work – for example, storing information on a central server rather than on their personal hard drives.

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