Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaing

Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaing confidetiality and sharing information .

In my role as a senior carer i have to know when i need to maintain confidentialtybut i also know that sometimes i may have to break that confidence and pass on the information to my home mananger .

Confidentiality means that any files that contain sensitive and personal information is kept locked away and only authorised people have access to these files .

Confidentiality can help to build up a good relationship between a carer and the resident and can help to gain trust as well between yourself and the other person .

When i have been told something in confidence by someone else either a colleague or a resident then i may at some point have to break this confidence by reporting what has been said to my home manager , ie , if i feel that there is a risk of harm to themselves or to others who are around or who are close to others , or there are signs or a risk of abuse , ie , physical , emotional or even financial abuse .

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out the guidlines on how we store , collect , save , use and dispose of any information .

The sharing of information is an important part of my job in providing a high standard of care to each of my residents .

In my place of work that holds alot of sensitive and personal information about both staff and residents we have got very strict policies and procedures in place to protect everybody .

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The Human Rights act ( 1998 , Article 8 ) staes that any person is entitled to privacy and is also entitled to a family life .

Essential Standards for Quality and Saftey is made up of 28 regulations that are set out in two seperate piecec of legislation which are the Health and Social Care Act 2005 ( Regulated Activities ) Regulations 2010 and also the CQC ( Care Quality Commission )2009 .

Here at Haydock Nursing Home we do have our own whistle blowing policies and procedures , This is there to protect all individuals who are vunerable and are at risk .

This was put in place so that if any colleague has got any issues or grieviances with someone then they can go and speak to the home manager in confidence or if anyone witnesses an act of abuse or abusing there position then they can go and tell someone without any worries of any repercussions towards them and their concerns dealt with in an appropiate manner .

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Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaing
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