Deuteronomy's Bridge Between Pentateuch and History

The underlying principle of the law in Deuteronomy is

What kind of bridge does Deuteronomy form between the Pentateuch and the historical books?

In Deuteronomy the list of witnesses for the covenant is found in chapter….

Suzerainty treaties were most commonly initiated by

In which section of the suzerainty treaty would this be most likely to be found: “You shall remain loyal to me, the Hittite king”?

How many parts are there to a suzerainty treaty?

After writing the law, Moses instructed the Israelites to read it in public every…
Seven years

Deuteronomic theology is often called the doctrine of…

Where did Moses instruct the Israelites to have a covenant revewal ceremony?
Shechem, in the promised land.

The Decalogue is known as the
Ten Commandments

Moses’ expression of monothesim in Deuteronomy 6:4, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” is known as the…

How many days should the journey from Mount Sinai to Kadesh-barnea have taken?

How many parts does the chiastic pattern of Deuteronomy have?

How many long speches of Moses are recorded in Deuteronomy?

Moses was not allowed to lead the Israelites into the promised land because he…
Acted in humanly anger at Meribah.

Which country is NOT in the land of ancient Mesopotamia?
Saudi Arabia

Who invented writing?

Who ruled Egypt in 1700- 1540 B.C.?
Hyksos, they invaded and took control of Egypt.

At what place did God establish a covenant with Abraham?

Who were the “Sea Peoples” who settled on the wouthwest coastal plain of Syria–Palestine?

Which prophet led Israel in the transition from Judges to Kings?

Which king of the north combined Mosaiac Yahwism with Canaanite Baalism?

Who conquered the capital of northern Israel

Who urged Israel to submit to Babylon?

What is the meaning of the Greek word teuchos?

What is the Jewish designation for the first five books of the Old Testament?

What is the most appropriate descriptive “subtitle” for the Book of Genesis?

Which man and his family is the focus of Genesis 12-50.

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When focusing on God’s power, the New Testament equivalent of the exodus would be…(symbol)
The Cross

In the Old Testament a binding relationship is called a

Which book details the elaborate preparations for leaving Mount Sinai?

What is the primary emphasis on human beings in the Pentateuch?
Human kind is fallen

In which century of Moses’ authorship of the Pentateuch seriously attacked?

The word “salvation” most clearly describes which book?

The word “renewal” most clearly describes

The word “holiness” most clearly describes which book?

The primary theme of the Pentateuch is the story of God’s…

Cosmogony is the study of
How the world was made

The closest parallel to ancient Hebrew concepts is found in the literature of (place)

The theme of Genesis 3-11 is the
Moral Failure of humankind

A stepped tower of three to seven stages is called a

The flood appears in which portion of Genesis?

The Fall appears in which portion of Genesis?

The Tower of Babel appears in which portion of Genesis?

The patriarchal narrative begins in Genesis

What is the meaning of the patriarchs for our faith today?
They are ancestors of our faith

What gives historical perspective in Genesis 12-50.
Cultural parallels

The account of the destruction of Sodom is found in Genesis…

Abram’s name was changed to Abraham in Genesis

The two things most important to ancient people were land and

Where did Abram’s family originate?

To demonstrate his promise to Abram, God took Abram outside and told him to count
The stars

Who was NOT a wife of Jacob?

God changed Jacob’s name to

Which covenant formalized the relationship of God with Israel?
Mosaic Covenant

Which covenant made the relationship between God and the royal dynasty of Israel?
Davidic Covenant

Which covenant established a theological framework for redemptive relationships?
Abrahamic Covenant

Exodus can best be characterized as a description of
Rescue and Relationship

Which incident marks the point at which Moses’ will collide with God’s? (incounter God for the first time?)
The burning bush

What demonstrated that Yahweh controlled the cosmic order?
the plagues

What type of law applies covenant law to situations of life?
Casuistic Law

What is emphasized throughout all forty chapters of Exodus?
God’s presence

While the crosee is central in the New Testament, the Old testament has as the central event the

Obeying God’s law is a
Response to salvation

The central emphasis in Leviticus is on
How to worship God

Which ancient Near Eastern group burned sacrifices by fire?

From whom were the Levites NOT descended?

Who was cited as having an “inholy fire”?

What is the focus of Leviticus 11-16?
Clean and Unclean

When the worshiper placed his hand on the head of the sacrifice animal, he
Identified the animal as his substitute

How did Christ’s death as an atonement for sin differ from Old Testament atonement?
It was meant for the world

Which New Testament book emphasizes the importance of Leviticus for Christian today?

What type of arrangement does the Book of Numbers have?

Some scholars believe that the term “thousands” in Numbers refers to
All of the above

What was an indication of God’s leadership throughout the journey of the Israelites (Numbers 9)?
Cloud over the Tabernacle

Who interceded for the Israelites when God appeared at the Tabernacle?

What was the result of Moses’ sin at Kadesh?
He was NOT permitted to enter Canaan

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