Essay on “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

For the sake of this book is worth reading.

Reading should carry us to the discovery. I am very happy when any of the writers become for me – discovery. Last year, it became the Japanese Kenji Maruyama. In this -.

American Ambrose Bierce And despite the fact that I just barely touched his work, the story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” became my kvintesentsiey all Bierce, the most vivid and powerful experience of his prose.

Again and again a stunning short.

Beers seems, long before any of the Futurists subverted the foundations of literary decorum. Sentenced to be hanged to be hanged. Even a brief digression in which the hero casts a glance the whole infinite moment, no postponement of the verdict – that will come to pass briefly, quickly, regularly. (Now I understand where the “grow legs” brilliant creativity Flanery O’Connor.) And it might still not be hanged? And maybe the classic Deus ex machina and the incredible rescue at the last moment? After hanging apparently – a good man.

As the same. Literally across the page, we learn that the villain one villain. But we empathize with him until the very end, like a brother. Almost shouting pages: “Run, Forest, Run”

Owl Genius Review

In the story Beers will die. He, apparently, with her long-time affair. But the death of this majestic. “Death – the high lady, and if she notifies in advance

about its arrival, it should be taken with the official expressions of honor.

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” Death in this story, Bierce attracts beckons be voyeur offers to admire and admire it. She – ugly and frightening story in Birsa predstoet us, if embodied in the figures of Goya. Maybe you’ve seen his drawings dedicated to the atrocities of the Napoleonic occupation of Spain? Clear, concise, slate, sparing of color, light and shade only, so strokes – they tell the story of a sad time. At the same time, the genius of a hand in some way ennobled through drawing – death itself. This is the death of the pages of “Case”. Death is schooled and trained in good manners. She slowly as much as it requires etiquette. It is as if the image of the glorious soldier in the regiment look, in the midst of war. All lined up in straight rows. Shelled uniforms and patched. Perfect poise. At the present review of the general. Soldier beautiful. His bayonet shines. He was almost perfect. And at the same time to its beauty mixes with that projectile tomorrow mix it with a few kilograms destyakami zemi in a bloody mess. And because he was tragically beautiful.

The Agony of tension between life and death is so strong that the ticking of the clock has ears bell alarm bell. Lust for life, devouring everything: pain, fear, despair, unbearable struggle with the elements

The story – only a few pages, but worth every great book.. It is “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” Ambrose Bierce.

When the last line was read had the feeling in my chest, something exploded. That my heart was shot from a gun, and that’s it tearing through flesh, veins and bones at a high speed rushed off to the freedom, in some zaoblochnye heights, leaving the frail, the unnecessary and empty body, which never catch up nor by word, nor for thought.

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