The following sample essay on: “Judaism “. Every individual has a social responsibility towards other members of the society. The books of Deuteronomy, Exodus and Numbers give the guidelines that ought to govern man’s social relations. The social themes addressed are like those of equality, compassion, integrity, forgiveness and love.

I believe that society has implicit rules that demand coexistence from the members of the society. There are particular pillars that enable the society to exist. These pillars are like those of love, compassion and equality.

In my opinion, these pillars are similar to the moral virtues of Judaism.

Equality is a core value that will promote harmony in the society. I believe that every individual is equal. This is by the virtue of them being human. Social status should not be the yardstick used to determine how individuals are treated. The moral attitude of Judaism encourages that our acts be governed by equality. The modern day society is dominated by biased attitudes.

The wealthy members of the society receive better treatment and services. I believe that they are treated this way because of the influence they have.

Integrity in the society is a sign of high levels of morality. The books of Torah talk about lending money to the poor without charging them interest and not hording the wages of a labour. Judaism upholds the virtue of being honest in ones actions. I. believe that these practices are seen as idealistic in the modern society. They are not a reflection of how social relations are governed today.

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I find that the Jews had very high expectations of the Messiah. According to them, the expected Messiah was to save them from the political oppression that they had been subjected to by the Romans. I, however, feel that too much emphasis was laid on the political aspect of the Messiah. The Jews anticipated a political triumph that would then be justified be morality. This morality was embedded in the moral advancement that the universe would experience in the coming of the Messiah. In forming this kind of expectation, I believe that the Jews painted an idealistic view on the Messiah. The Jews were expecting a leader born in an influential family and one who was wealthy. In my opinion, these perspectives were what made the Messiah to be rejected when He dwelt on earth. I feel that the expectations of the coming Messiah were focused on the physical change that would be marked in his coming. In my opinion, Messianism signifies a period of Spiritual change and that the second coming of the Messiah will bring about spiritual freedom.

I believe that the Sabbath is a day that is dedicated to the worship of God. I know that it is believed that worship should be an everyday affair, but the Sabbath is one day of the week where you isolate yourself and focus on activities that bring give God glory. These activities are like assembling with others to sing hymns, pray and fellowship. I know that the Sabbath is man’s way of emulating God’s rest after the six days of creation. I feel that individuals should take a rest from the normal activities and focus on showing God gratitude to God for His kindness. These normal activities are like carrying out one’s occupational duties, and going to school.

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