Origin of the term black money

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• The term black money is of a recent beginning which foremost came to be used around the twelvemonth 2000. It is another fluctuation of progress fee fraud and is besides called a ‘wash wash scam’ . The cozenage came to be known as black money cozenage was originally handled by defrauders or conmen who fraudulently obtained money from their victims by working their assurance.

They convinced their victims that a trunk-full of existent money had been dyed black to avoid sensing by imposts. The bole really contained bank-note sized documents dyed black. They would someway carry their victim to pay for the chemicals to rinse the money with a promise to give him / her portion from the returns. In this manner. the conmen duped their clients stating them that the chemical required to take the black dye was really dearly-won and fraudulently obtained a good amount of money from the fleeceable and guiltless

Term black money as used in modern times

• In the modern universe.

the term black money is used for the money which is unaccounted and no statutory revenue enhancements are paid to the governments since it is kept within the state of abroad hidden from the eyes of the governments. This belowground. live and irregular billboard of wealth in any signifier is what is said to be running a shadow economic system or a parallel economic system in a state.

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Black money can besides be termed as production of goods and services whether done lawfully or illicitly but which is non taken into history for the official appraisal of the country’s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) because it is neither detected by the governments nor is declared by its Godheads. India’s stands at the tenth place every bit far as the richest people in the state are concerned. This list is created by taking into history the sum of white money which is available for investing and does non include personal assets whether movable or immoveable. Just see what will India’s place among the richest people in the universe if the sum of black money is besides take into consideration while roll uping this list of the affluent individuals in the universe. The paradox is that it is go oning in a state where more than 50 per cent of the population is populating below the poorness line ( BPL ) .

Causes for the creative activity of black money

Corrupt patterns indulged into by corrupt people at all degrees

• There are several causes due to which the black money is created in a state. Black money is created by the corrupt patterns indulged in by politicians. administrative officials and other high and low degree civil retainers. They take immense or little payoffs which are unbroken hidden as they illegal beginnings of gaining money. The minutess in black money do take topographic point in the market due to which the term parallel economic system comes into being. Merely really seldom these minutess are caught and most of the wrongdoers of creative activity of black money are ne’er known to the authorities. The 2nd of import ground that these minutess remain concealed is that both the wrongdoers and the executors of jurisprudence collude with each other and go the partakers in black money. Peoples in all walks of life from the rich concern barons. the high degree politicians. the senior administrative officials. high ranking officers of the authorities. large contractors to the low degree authorities retainers including category IV employees are involved in this phenomenon of black money creative activity. Recently a racket of bogus certifications of OBCs and SCs has been found for admittance into Delhi University. It is reported that Rs. 3 – Rs. 5 hundred thousand were paid to obtain these payoff certifications.

Complex revenue enhancement construction and corrupt revenue enhancement functionaries

• Adding fuel to the fire. is the country’s complex revenue enhancement construction and corrupt revenue enhancement functionaries which is the cause of creative activity of black money. The honest and sincere people who may otherwise be willing to pay revenue enhancements shy off from paying them before the complex processs. signifiers and returns involved in the payment of revenue enhancements. Merely a few sincere authorities employees whose income is paid from the authorities estimations are made to compulsorily pay the revenue enhancements. But the bulk of the concern community. bargainers. professionals and all incomes which do non come within the organized sector are left to the earnestness of the earners to unwrap their wealth. Complicated and drawn-out regulations and ordinances which are even beyond the comprehension of the common earners stand in the manner of revenue enhancements to be paid by them. There are no inducements to the rise the morale of the honest taxpayers. The honest taxpayer rumblings when he or she sees that how his or her difficult earned money is is swindled by the corrupt functionaries of the authorities. The financess allotted by the authorities for developmental undertakings are drained half manner by the corrupt functionaries before they eventually reach the donees.

Foreign Bankss are oasiss for black money hoarders

• Foreign Bankss particularly the Swiss Banks which do non unwrap the specifics of the history holders have become a safe oasis for the people who want to conceal their income without paying the revenue enhancements. There are different versions by different beginnings as to amount of the black money stashed in Swiss Banks. As alleged by Baba Ramdev during his agitations against black money. the sum of black money stashed in the Swiss Bankss scopes between Rs. 50- 75 lakh crores of rupees. Even if there is merely half the truth in the allegation. so besides the money stashed in the Swiss Bankss is so high that it can do our economic system rather sound if this can be brought back to India and deposited in the authorities exchequer.

Harmonizing to one study the Swiss Banks have admitted that Indians stand at the top in the list of the people who have deposited money in the Swiss Bankss. The black money in Swiss Bankss became a hot argument in 2009 general elections when the issue was raked up by the BJP premier ministerial campaigner Mr L K Advani. He quoted from Global Financial Integrity Study undertaken in 2006 which estimated Rs. 43 – Rs. 51 lakh crores lost by developing states over a period of five old ages due to illicit fiscal escapes from these states including India.

Lot of black money is transacted during election runs

• The election procedure of our state is besides a large generator of black money. Election runs run by the campaigners for parliamentary or assembly elections or for any local organic structures generated crores and crores of black money during the period of election. A survey by the Mumbai-based Centre for Monitoring Indian Economics ( CMIE ) found in 2006 that each parliamentary canvass generates between $ 10. 19 billion and $ 11. 33 billion of black money. It will go a shocking and head boggling figure and the black money so created will run into several crores of rupees if we besides include the elections to the legislative assemblies of the provinces and brotherhood districts and the local organic structures.

Black money washing fiscal companies and chit financess

• Money washing fiscal companies and chit financess are another beginning of making black money. Cases have come to detect that several fiscal companies had been running and might still be running without paying any income revenue enhancement paid for their minutess which are non brought to the cognition of the authorities. We know that there are several lakhs of unauthorized chit financess which are running by persons in the settlements of the towns and metropoliss and even in small towns including certain authorities offices and industrial composites where the money is collected and circulated among little clip single earners.

The operation of non-banking fiscal companies ( NBFCs ) had become so uncontrolled that the authorities had to convey in a statute law on the Non-Banking Financial Companies in 1997 and a separate Department of Non-Banking Financial Companies was opened in all offices of the Reserve Bank of India in March 1997 to do these companies to follow the ordinances laid down under the Act. Consequently several 100s of those NBFCs which could non follow with the regulations and ordinances of the authorities went out of operation.

Unscrupulous charitable trusts and societies create black money

• Unscrupulous charitable trusts and societies including spiritual establishments manipulate the financess of the establishments run and managed by them and make black money. A blunt illustration of this has come to visible radiation when crores of rupees in difficult hard currency and several more crores of rupees deserving jewelry. diamonds and other valuables have been taken over when the personal Chamberss of the late Satya Sai Baba were opened late at Puttaparthy in Andhra Pradesh.

There are a batch of treatments traveling on in the affair whether the money found at Satya Sai Baba’s Ashram at Puttaparthy is accounted or unaccounted money. Merely sincere probes undertaken by the authorities in this affair can happen out the exact truth. This is one illustration which has come to light and many more are still likely to be running this deceitful concern merely because such establishments had been exempted to subject the studies of their income and outgo. It is feared that a batch of black money is being generated by the spiritual. societal and educational trusts throughout the length and comprehensiveness of the state.

Hawala concern is a great beginning of black money minutess

• The minutess of hard currency made through the hawala path are besides one of the greatest beginnings of creative activity and usage of black money. Several hawala rackets were busted by the constabulary on many occasions but the hawala operations are still traveling on. Minutess through hawala path are thought to be the south Asia’s biggest money minutess system. The hawala minutess are common across our national and international boundary lines where money alterations hands through non-banking channels and therefore goes live and becomes black money. The persons running hawala rackets have developed their ain codifications to transact this illegal concern. Such revenue enhancement hedging cozenages have been found several times particularly in Maharashtra and Gujarat. two of India’s rich provinces. Daily hawala minutess are reported to be running transacting in foreign exchange therefore robbing the authorities of the revenue enhancements which should otherwise hold gone to the government’ exchequer.

Investings in belongings. jewelry. luxury autos. rare pieces of art etc

• Investings in belongings. jewelry. diamonds. dearly-won and rare pictures. luxury autos. rare pieces of art etc. are some of the other beginnings where black money is transacted. It was reported sometime back that when the functionaries raided a few builders in Mumbai a few old ages back. it was revealed that the hired comptrollers had advised their clients to conceal their black money in rare art aggregations. It was found that a man of affairs had in invested $ 4. 50. 000 in a picture. The governments found that builders had invested over a crore of rupees of their undeclared income in pictures bought from local art galleries of Mumbai. Investing of unaccounted income is done at a big graduated table in gold and diamond jewelry.

It is pertinent to observe that India is one of the largest consumers of gold. Stock market is another channel to put black money. One can gain large net incomes after one pays a little sum of capital additions revenue enhancement @ 10 % . Past instances of stock cozenages have shown that agents. Bankss. industrial houses have all colluded to trip the stock markets. A few old ages back a adult female from Gujarat named Roopal ben Panchal reportedly opened 10. 669 bogus histories. In a handbill dated December 2. 2005 the Reserve Bank of India had alerted the Bankss with sing to the black-money laundering activities traveling on and wanted them to hold ticker on any leery banking activity. But what when the Bankss themselves start conspiring with the stock agents to consequence the monetary values in the stock market.

Contributions to educational establishments transacted in black money

• The heavy contributions paid for admittances in establishments of higher acquisition and even big corporate schools and colleges are another large beginning of creative activity and go arounding black money. Are these contributions received and paid by checks? Are the proper grosss issued for the minutess? Are the minutess written in the official histories of the establishments as they are done? The reply to all these inquiries is possibly is a large ‘No’ . This is non done because many of these private establishments are run by the administrative officials. politicians and industrial houses that are either do it in collusion with the jurisprudence implementing governments or corrupt them the black money they create. Black money minutess take topographic point in the scene and leaking of inquiries documents and aid rendered in scrutiny Centres to acquire certain pupils pass through unjust agencies or to acquire some of them the top ranks in the scrutiny. This non merely involves black money minutess but is besides doing the jeer of our educational system and scrutinies.

Issue of licenses. contracts to Indian and foreign companies

• Large industrial houses. large contractors. administrative officials and politicians all collude with each other in really heavy minutess and underarm traffics are indulged when publishing licenses and come ining into contracts even with the foreign houses. The agents are agents are involved in the minutess on heavy fees. All these minutess among these people are non routed through normal banking channels. The great cozenages like the Bofors. 2 G Scam. the Commonwealth Games Scam. Adarash Society Scam. etc have already come to the visible radiation of the populace. Many such cozenages may be lying concealed and might non be brought out at all. There have been hard currencies where difficult hard currency had been discovered in the ownerships of politicians like Sukhram and others.

The Mauritius Route to utilize black money

• Taking advantages of loopholes in the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention ( DTAC ) concluded two decennaries ago. certain people claiming themselves to be the Mauritanian occupants set up paper companies in Mauritius. These companies so masqueraded at Mauritanian companies. These companies so invested in India. Thus they avoided paying revenue enhancements in India amounting to crores of rupees under the screen of dual revenue enhancement turning away understanding between India and Mauritius.

Consequences or the impact of black money

Loss of gross to the authorities and running of parallel economic system in state

• The circulation of black money has a deep impact on the economic system ensuing in a lessening in authorities grosss. A portion of the black money which circulates in the economic system could hold gone into the custodies of the authorities in the signifier of revenue enhancements. Such is the volume of the black money in the state that a parallel economic system is said to be running in the state with the black money entirely. Harmonizing to some estimations the sum of black money in the state equals 40 per cent of our gross domestic merchandise. ( GDP )

Black money and corruptness signifier a barbarous circle

• Since most of the minutess done in black money are illegal. it adds to already bing high degrees of corruptness. All payoffs for whatever ground they are paid goes unaccounted wrinkling more black money in the society. This barbarous circle of corruptness bring forthing black money and black money bring forthing corruptness will ne’er come to an terminal. unless some serious stairss are taken by the authorities to control this evil pattern.

Black money effects existent capita income and national income of state

• Since the black money go arounding in the state is non recorded in the government’s books of histories. the existent per capita income of the people and the national income of the state are shown as low. If all the black money go arounding in the economic system is flowed back into the national economic system of the state. there will a significant rise in the existent incomes of the people and the national income of the state. For illustration. although the incomes earned by the immigrant labor of our state aid to better the criterion of life of the people gaining them. yet they don’t acquire added into the revenue enhancement cyberspace of the state if transacted through hawala. So they can non be taken into history in calculating the national income and per capita income of the state.

Black money causes lessening in quality of public goods and services

• When payoff which are to paid as black money to the manufacturers of goods and supplier of services. it is but natural that they will supply the quality of goods and services merely to the people who pay payoffs whereas the general populace has to endure as the same quality and service is non provided to everyone. For illustration. if you have to acquire a occupation done in office. your work will be done without any hold if you pay payoffs to the functionaries who have to make your occupation. But for the same sort of occupation. another individual who does non corrupt the functionaries has to wait for several yearss. hebdomads or even months.

Black money consequences in higher revenue enhancement and rising prices

• The authorities revenue enhancements the people to gain gross for its disbursals in order to equilibrate the budget. It is but natural that if the black money go arounding in the economic system is brought back to the government’s exchequer. the authorities will hold more money in its manus for its disbursals and thereby the revenue enhancement load on the people can be reduced. Similarly the rising prices consequences with excessively much money pursuit excessively few goods available in the market. The accounted money in the market is hyped by the figure of unaccounted money in the market and the existent money in circulation becomes much more to trail the goods produced in the state taking to higher inflationary tendencies.

Black money causes trouble in the formation of pecuniary and financial policy

• Since the authorities can non take into history the black money in circulation in the economic system while organizing its pecuniary and financial policies. the policies so formed by the authorities can non be realistic. It is hard to organize these policies in the absence of the exact computation of the black money and without conveying it in the accounting processs of the authorities.

Black money consequences in increased condemnable activities

• The dirty money in the market consequences in all kinds of condemnable activities that go on in the society including corruptness of all kinds in the society. It encourages its illegal usage particularly during elections. The black money is used to back up terrorist activities which undermine even the security of the state. It is used to acquire illegal arms in the custodies of the groups of unsocial elements. The illegal money is squandered on big graduated table in nines and hotels on all types of illegal activities including drug trafficking. Even slayings are got done for political retaliations where black money alterations hands among the liquidators and the people who engage these liquidators to prosecute in these offense. It is said that money corrupts and the surplus of it corrupts highly. And it is more so when such extra money is in the signifier of black money. The munificent and pretentious manner the hoarders of black money live in India and the uneconomical outgo they indulge in observing their societal. political and even spiritual maps is a societal offense even though the jurisprudence does non take awareness of it.

How to command the black money

Normally. the authorities has to take two classs to command the black money. The first is to change over the bing black money into white money through assorted steps. The 2nd is to take appropriate steps to forestall the creative activity of black money. So. the controlling of black money can be discussed under these two caputs.

Controling black by money by its transition into white money

• First of all. the authorities should stop up loopholes in its two decennaries old Double Tax Avoidance Convention entered into with Mauritius to look into influx of black money into India by fake companies of Mauritius which evade paying revenue enhancements in India under the screen of this bilateral understanding between India and Mauritius.

Voluntary revelation of income strategy ( VDIS )

• Though such steps were initiated by the authorities earlier including gilded bond strategies. but this was resorted on a big graduated table when the authorities launched a Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme ( VDIS ) on June 18. 1997 whereby the tax-defaulters were given an chance to unwrap their hidden incomes at the prevalent revenue enhancement rates by giving them unsusceptibility from major Torahs associating to economic offenses from 01 July 1997. The so Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said that the VDIS aggregations amounted to collection about Rs. 8. 000 crores from about two hundred thousand declarents when the strategy closed down on December 31. 1997. The authorities may one time once more denote such a strategy with proper guidelines to enable the people concealing their black money to declare the strategy. The authorities at the same must demo its political will to ordain a measure with rigorous penalties against the people who were found with unrevealed income after certain specified day of the month.

How to convey back money from the Swiss Bankss

• A similar option must besides be given to the people concealing their money in the Swiss Bankss giving them a one clip chance to voluntarily convey back
their money from the Swiss Bankss and sedimentation it in the Indian Bankss by paying the revenue enhancements as per the Indian Torahs. At the same clip a terrible penalty may be threatened for the people who were found with black money in the Swiss Bankss after a specified day of the month.

Entering into bilateral understandings with the foreign authoritiess

• The authorities should take all possible steps to come in into bilateral understandings with the foreign states to unwrap the names of the history holders and the money deposited in foreign Bankss. The authorities has already initiated some stairss in this way by revising the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement to supply agencies for probes of black money in Swiss Bankss in August 2010. This alteration is likely to take consequence in January 2012. To control black money. the Indian authorities has besides signed Tax Information Exchange Agreement ( TIEA ) with 10 states. viz. – Bahamas. Bermuda. the British Virgin islands. the Isle of Man. the Cayman Island. the British island of Jersey. Monaco. St. Kitts and Nevis. Argentina and the Marshal Islands. The authorities should take immediate stairss to subscribe more such understandings with other states as good.

Block loopholes in the Mauritius path

• The authorities should barricade loopholes in the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention ( DTAC ) entered into about two decennaries ago to forestall unscrupulous investors to get away from paying revenue enhancements in India.

Court instances and terrible penalties for economic offenses

• The tribunals in India should give due importance to the instances affecting black money and must give the severest of the penalties to the individuals involved in the instances. The Supreme Court of India is making a applaudable occupation in this regard. The Supreme Court asked the authorities in January 2011 as to why the names of those have stashed money in the Liechtenstein Bank have non been disclosed. In April 2011. Hasan Ali Khan was arrested on charges of hoarding over Rs. 36. 000 crores in foreign Bankss. This is one case where a individual has been arrested for hoarding black money in the foreign Bankss. but there may be many more against which the authorities can take action merely with a strong political will and strong belief. Baba Ramdev had even gone to the extent of proposing that black money wrongdoer should be treated as treasonists of the state and should be given the severest of the penalties.

Demonetization of currency notes of high value like Rs. 500 & A ; Rs. 1000

• Another step suggested to delve out black money is to demonetize the currency of higher denominations like bank notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. But the authorities has already rejected this suggestions as it is non economically feasible suggestion.

Issue of Particular bonds by the authorities

• Particular bonds may be issued by the authorities inquiring the black money hoarders to put in them by supplying them unsusceptibility from condemnable continuing bing under the bing jurisprudence.

Controling black by money by preventative steps

Restructuring revenue enhancement system & A ; terrible penalty to errant revenue enhancement functionaries

• The authorities should reconstitute its revenue enhancement system including GST and VAT doing it more convenient and easy for the income earner to pay the revenue enhancements. All the cumbersome processs in entry of signifiers and returns should be done off with. The authorities has become cognizant of this and have done a batch of work to better the system. It has late come out with an proclamation that salaried employees with salary income up to Rs. 5 hundred thousand and salvaging bank involvement up to Rs. 10. 000 need non to register income revenue enhancement returns for the twelvemonth 2011-12. Much more needful to be done by simplifying the regulations and ordinances in this regard. The authorities should broaden the revenue enhancement base and should convey all people in whatever is the beginning of income including agricultural income if the income exceeds Rs. 5 hundred thousand a twelvemonth. All people above this bound should be taxed with no freedoms. No return needs to be filed by any individual if the income is below Rs. 5 hundred thousand. Similar revenue enhancement reforms should be made in the corporate direct revenue enhancement and all other indirect revenue enhancements.

Severe penalty should be mooted out to the revenue enhancement forces who are found to be involved in the corrupt patterns including the individuals who are found to hold paid payoffs to the revenue enhancement functionaries to avoid revenue enhancements. These should include revenue enhancement advisers and hired comptrollers who guide the revenue enhancement remunerators with tips to avoid revenue enhancement taking advantage of loopholes in the revenue enhancement Torahs.

Use of electronic media and Bankss for money transportations

• Maximum usage of electronic media should be made for money transportations. Most of the money minutess should be encouraged to be made through the banking channels. Restriction should be laid down for hard currency minutess in any trade. Use of PAN and individuality card should be made compulsory for all minutess amounting immense sums. There should be a powerful Income Tax and Vigilance section. Peoples should be continuously made aware of the benefits of paying revenue enhancements.

Peoples should be made cognizant of the immorality of black money on a continual footing

• Peoples should be made cognizant of the effects of black money. The recent motions run by certain reputed personalities like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare whether successful or non has brought about a societal revolution in the society to do the people aware of this great immorality. It has alerted the authorities at all degrees to take awareness of the affair and the authorities is said to hold constituted a high degree commission to travel into this facet.


• It may be pointed out that many more steps be taken which might hold been left out in composing this article. There are many masterminds and intelligent individuals in our state including economic experts of distinction who can propose steps to the authorities to make off with the threat of black money afflicting our state. Conversion of black money into white money is merely a short term step. but it is the preventative steps which can root out this evil for good. The most of import facet of nationality and love for one time state in all facets must be taught to our kids from their basic educational system. It should get down from their earlier school instruction because whatever the kid learns in his / her formative old ages is carried frontward towards the ulterior phases in his or her life.

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Origin of the term black money
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