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Ocean Pollution Essay Paper

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You authorized the report on September 23. At your request the formal report presents information on ocean pollution and how it affects the earth. This report presents information in three broad categories: top zone, second zone, third zone. The report includes the six co’s of communication and PAP format. As always, helping you with this report and future endeavors is anticipated. So Ocean Pollution Prepared for Prepared by

Antonio Burped September 26, 2013 Table of Contents Transmittal Memorandum Title Page 1 Table of contents 2 TOP zone 3 Second Zone 4 Third Zone 5 Conclusion 6 Currently, ocean pollution is a significant issue affecting the oceans and the rest of the earth. Problems like oil spills, toxic wastes, garbage, vehicle pollutants, global warming hazards, and other detrimental materials are all kinds of pollution that damages oceans every day. Ocean pollution directly affects aquatic life and indirectly affects humans and resources. Water shelters 70 percent of the planet making up rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Scientists trust the worlds largest garbage dump is found in that water. (The Great Pacific Garbage patch, 2011) There are three zones that make up the ocean: the top zone, second zone, and third zone, all of which are polluted from different things and different reasons. Top Zone The topmost region of the ocean is termed the Epiphytic Zone or sunlight zone. Here you will trace most oceanic life where algae can cultivate lucratively and the temperature is kindlier, which is inviting to most sea creatures. (Surface Area and the Seabed Area, 2010) This zone is roughly 600 et deep, but is the nominal precinct out of the three.

What Is The Largest Zone In The Ocean

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One of the numerous kinds of contamination in this zone is oil pollution. This is triggered by ships either leaking, or carrying oil that crash in the sea. Whenever you take your boat out for a good time, it is actually polluting the marine. The boats running engine can kill animals with the chemicals in the exhaust, and the extra gas the engine gives off. Another type of effluence that is most times associated with ocean pollution is garbage dumping, which includes trash, human waste, bathing water, and plastics. Garbage dumping is found in roughly the top 90 feet of the ocean.

In that 90 feet you can find six times more pieces of plastic than there is plankton, which is the main food source for many of the sea creatures in the top zone. (Ocean Pollution) (Out of sight, Out of Mine, 2009) Second Zone The second zone is known as the Despotic Zone or twilight zone. Practically no sunlight will ever see this zone, resulting in very few plants being able to grow. The only animals you will find here are those that live with very little sunlight, exceedingly cold water, and extremely high pressure. This zone is ,400 feet making it the second largest zone.

Pollution in this zone includes metals and toxic chemicals. These chemicals come from Agriculture causes. Chemical pesticides or fertilizers used to kill harmful insects or substances on land, are the chemicals that are poisoning the fish population. When rain hits plants on land, the pesticides and fertilizers get taken out and run off into the oceans. (Ocean Pollution, 201 1) The chemicals then settle at the bottom of the ocean and eventually are eaten by fish.

Ocean Pollution Essay

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