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Bananas Para as Japanning 2013 The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war. This is according to Vagina Alkalis Bandit. YES FOR PEACE Banning Para As Japanning 2013, is a campaign that aims to encourage at least 10 Million peace-loving Filipinos, 10 years and older to speak as one to provide a democratic people’s mandate for the comprehensive peace process particularly the permanent cessation of hostilities between the government and all rebel groups in 2013.

The earnest implementation of agreed upon programs and projects for the attainment of a Just, comprehensive and lasting peace within the term of the current administration.

This is per Duped Advisory No. 177, s. 2012 re: Additional Information to Duped Memorandum No. 277, s. 2011- (Yes For Peace- Banning Para as Japanning). Wake National High School Annex administers the YES FOR PEACE campaign to their students. The campaign was integrated to Railing Panamanian. The students were told to write an essay, create a poster and slogan and present a role play that how’s the thought of the campaign.

Peace Essay

March 4, 2013, poster and slogan making for YES FOR PEACE was started. Every year level pours out all their creativity and imagination in their drawings. As they display their output, different ideas and different interpretations were drawn that really suits to their advocacy. The next day, March 5, 2013, the students were making their essays. Each student had varied ideas and opinions regarding the topic. Some asked “why peace is elusive? ” and some are Just merely expressing their thoughts.

Different ideas were eared, different opinions were shared as they write their essays, but still the main topic of each output is to achieve peace which serve as the common factor of the students.

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It takes them an hour of silence before they gave their papers to their teacher. The activity showed the serious participation of the students regarding the advocacy. Hence, due to the campaign, the whole school community was now peace lover. Prepared by: VIVE T. JUDICIAL Railing Panamanian Coordinator GLORIA M. PARAGUAY Principal 1 PICTORIAL Poster and Slogan Making

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Peace Essay Sample
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