Peace on Earth Is Important to Everyone

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I still remember the day when I woke on a dark cloudy day and went downstairs only to find my family hiding under the sofa.

I was grabbed down by my dad and he explained that there were heavily armed people that were going to attack our country. He also told me that he thought it was people from the neighbouring country. I was very anxious since I knew that our army had the most nadir amount of people in the whole world.

Loud sounds of bullets were all we could hear from outside. I tried to stay calm when all of the sudden, the vociferous noises stopped.

They were gone, leaving a bloodshed of dead people. I knew straight away that we weren’t secure and so did my dad who abruptly said we had to pack and get out of here. We packed at rapid speed and got out of the house. We were destitute so we didn’t have a car, so we walked to the nearest airport, but unfortunately it was closed.

So we headed back home when all of the sudden bullets were flying by us at the speed of the light.

We hid behind a van and waited till the shooting stopped, but without any warning I bullet came through the van and hit my dad’s leg We went inside the back of the van since we knew it was most safe. Then when we weren’t expecting it the van started to move.

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Now I was very freaked out, especially when it stopped. My mum took a glance outside and when she looked at me for some reason she was grinning . I looked at her surprised, but then she elucidated that there was a huge ship that was taking people to Australia. We instantaneously embarked the ship since we had all our luggage.

The captain of the ship had said that we would be in Australia in six hours. It was quite a rough ride and then a storm started when there was two hours left till we arrived in Australia.

The ship shook like the strings on a guitar. A lot of people were falling off the ship and were floating away. The saddest thing was one of the victims were my dad who had fallen off with a Floatie. I was sobbing and I felt like I was going to drown in my tears , but my mum was calm and reassured me it was ok.

Lucky for us the storm had now stopped and two hours later we were in Australia. I was feeling wistful but then one of the guards told us that there were helicopters sent out to look for the people who had fallen off the ship. This made me cheer up a bit, but inside I thought he was already dead.

The government had provided us money and a home to live in. A day later our dad came to our house. He was smiling and told us that he had ended up on an island. He was also ecstatic because the government had offered jobs to all the refugees for building dams and other job that my dad loved doing.

All my life I defected my friends and my country, but once someone told me what’s gone is gone. Peace on Earth matters to me because it can effect a lot of people. If we don’t have Peace On Earth all the countries would be fighting and our world wouldn’t be any better whereas if we work together we can make this world a better place !!!

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Peace on Earth Is Important to Everyone
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