Of the following, which is NOT a subcategory of postmodern art?
abstract expressionism

Aleatoric music represents a move toward greater complexity.

Of the following, which does NOT describe postmodernism?
It is a more radical form of modernism.

What art movement drew themes from modern urban life, including machines, comic strips, and commercial advertisements?
pop art

Postmodernism embraces a pluralistic approach to gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity in art.

A technique used by Lukas Foss in which composers incorporate music from the past is called:

Which of the following films is a non-narrative visual collage with music by Philip Glass?

Andy Warhol’s style of art is best described as:
pop art.

Environmental art is best associated with:

What artist is most associated with abstract expressionism?
Jackson Pollock

The motto of architect Frank Gehry is “less is more.”

With which contemporary movement can the composer John Cage be linked?
aleatoric music

The second half of the twentieth century saw only minimal stylistic changes in music.


Which of the following directors is NOT associated with new-wave cinema?

Postmodernism has a clear and simple definition.

What performance artist mixes popular music, comic routines, and high-tech equipment to address social issues?
Laurie Anderson

Of the following, which is NOT a characteristic of postmodern music?
a turn to more complex serial techniques

Of the following, who is NOT a distinguished novelist of our time?
Laurie Anderson

Postmodern music rejected the use of electronic instruments.

The globalization of society has had a large impact on music.

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A semi-improvised multimedia event in the 1960s was called a “happening.”

The African-American artist noted for “storybook” quilts is:
Faith Ringgold.

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg owe some of their inspiration to the Dadaists.

New-wave cinema exhibits postmodern ideas.

Higdon chose the title blue cathedral as a tribute to:
her brother.

Of the following, which is not used as a source for Doctor Atomic’s libretto?
William Shakespeare’s sonnets

John Adams can be considered a post-minamalist.

Of the following, which would be considered as a Neoromantic work?
Barber’s Adagio for Strings

Which of the following composers is NOT a minimalist?
Thea Musgrave

The music of John Adams reflects the influence of:

Music that features the repetition, with little variation, of melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns is known as:

Jennifer Higdon’s performance background is as a flutist.

Of the following, what best describes today’s opera subjects?
They explore the supernatural

Repetition is an important element of minimalism.

“At the sight of this,” from Doctor Atomic, includes electronic sonorities.

Who wrote the opera Nixon in China?
John Adams

Pärt’s Cantate Domino canticum novum evokes the sound of medieval music because it has no harmony.

Spiritual minimalism is characterized by its strong rhythmic pulse.

The postmodern approach that mixes styles from the past with contemporary ones is called:

Recent music has continued its avoidance of emotional appeal.

Corigliano’s Mr. Tambourine Man is based on the texts of:
Bob Dylan.

After Pärt’s emigration to the West, he devoted his compositional output to:
religious choral music.

Pärt’s Cantate Domino canticum novum is composed in his ____________ style.

What is the genre of Corigliano’s Mr. Tambourine Man?
song cycle

Corigliano’s Prelude, from Mr. Tambourine Man, has a modified verse-chorus structure.

Of the following, what does NOT characterize the career of Jennifer Higdon?
She was a child prodigy on the piano.

Jennifer Higdon’s blue cathedral uses major triads with no strong sense of tonal center.

The librettist for Doctor Atomic is:
Peter Sellars.

Corigliano’s The Ghosts of Versailles, which features the spirit of Marie Antoinette upset over being beheaded, is based on a true story.

John Adam’s opera Doctor Atomic is based on the life of:
J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Of the following compositional styles, which has Corigliano drawn upon?
all of the above

Of the following, which is NOT used in “At the sight of this,” from Doctor Atomic?

Of the following, which composer is NOT associated with spiritual minimalism?
Paul Lansky

Anton Webern served as a model for Neoromanticism.

Tintinnabulation is associated with the music of John Corigliano.

Hidgon’s blue cathedral was written for a performance by:
a full symphony orchestra.

Of the following, which award did Corigliano NOT receive?
a Tony for The Naked Carmen

Although educated at Harvard, John Adams has made most of his career in:
San Francisco, California.

Neoromanticism evolved from the feeling that the abstract, atonal music of the twentieth century had created a gap between composers and their audience.

Nixon in China is an opera by Philip Glass.

Pärt’s Cantate Domino canticum novum uses a psalm for its text.

The salient feature of minimalism is contrast.

John Corigliano is primarily known as an opera composer and has written few orchestral works.

The first elaborate electronic synthesizer was:
the RCA music synthesizer.

Which of the following composers has extensively explored the combination of electronic sounds with live music?

A hyperinstrument does away with any human control of the music and turns it over to the computer.

Milton Babbitt wanted to replace the live performer with synthesizers.

Electronic music and synthesizers have little influence on the commercial world of music.

One of the most important musical developments of the 1950s and 1960s was the emergence of electronic music.

The concept of a hyperinstruments was developed by Pierre Boulez.

Which literary classic inspired Machover’s Begin Again Again . . . ?
Dante’s Divine Comedy

Varèse’s Poème electronique was produced by electronically manipulating recorded sounds.

What San Francisco-based composer has experimented with mixed media and multichannel tape interacting with live musicians in performance?
Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros is a noted female composer of electronic music.

A new musical instrument developed in the second half of the twentieth century that combines sound generators with sound modifiers is called:
a synthesizer.

Varèse composed Poème electronique for:
the World’s Fair.

Music made up of natural sounds that are recorded and then altered is called:
musique concrète.

Which composer developed an electronic glove for playing the cello?
Tod Machover

The most important development in art music in the 1950s and 1960s was the increasing importance of:
electronic music.

Synthesizers are devices that combine sound generators and sound modifiers in one package with a unified control system.

Recording short digital audio clips on a synthesizer allows musicians to recreate realistic sounds of musical instruments electronically. This is called:

Which of the following was NOT one of the stages in the development of electronic music?
the invention of micropolyphony

The standardized communications protocol that allows synthesizers to “talk” to computers is:

Varèse’s Poème electronique combines acoustic and electronic instruments.

Computer sound generation is the least flexible of all electronic media.

Tod Machover worked as the director of IRCAM in Paris.

MIDI technology allows electronic musical instruments and computers to be linked.

Electronically generated music can be heard today:
all of the above

Begin Again Again . . . , by Tod Machover, is scored for:
hypercello and computer.

Which of the following best describes the life of Abing?
He was a blind street musician.

Composers Henry Cowell and Harry Partch were highly influenced by a variety of non-Western musics.

Non-Western sounds influenced American jazz and rock music.

A ____________ is a plucked string instrument from India.

The gamelan is an important musical ensemble in:

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Bright Sheng was allowed to compose patriotic music for the Communist regime.

Which of the following composers combined Asian instruments with traditional Western ensembles and experimented with exotic scales?
Henry Cowell

The form of Cage’s Sonata V, from Sonatas and Interludes, is:

Which of the following does NOT characterize Abing’s The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs?
unchanging tempo

With what tuning system did Harry Partch experiment?

John Cage’s 4’33” questions the distinction between music and noise.

Bright Sheng was born in which city?

The music of Abing was largely created through improvisation.

Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes evoke the sounds of:
the Javanese gamelan.

The overall form of Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes is four groups of four sonatas, with interludes between the groups.

The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs is best considered as Chinese traditional music.

The medieval epic Tristan and Isolde is the basis for the Javanese shadow puppet drama.

Which of the following musical concepts is NOT associated with John Cage?
serial music

A raga is the starting point for music in:

What is the name of the two-stringed fiddle from China?
the erhu

Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes are traditional works for the standard grand piano.

Which technique in Prelude, from Sheng’s China Dreams, does NOT suggest a Chinese style?
dissonant harmonies

Some Asian composers have merged music of their heritage with Western traditions.

Of the following, which does NOT characterize John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes?
lyrical melodies

John Cage’s prepared piano was carefully tuned prior to each performance.

The Javanese shadow-puppet theater is based on the Ramayana:
a Hindu epic.

Who invented the prepared piano?

Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage is a work for:
prepared piano.

Of the following, which American composer was NOT greatly affected by the philosophy of the Far East?
Aaron Copland

The erhu is a hammered dulcimer with metal strings.

In Iran, there is a clear division between performer and composer.

Which work by John Cage has no musical content and can be performed by anyone on any instrument?

The gamelan performance of the Patalon serves as a closing for the puppet drama.

Bright Sheng often combines Western instruments with those from China.

The standard gamelan tuning for shadow-puppet dramas is:

Which innovative composer constructed a scale of forty-three microtones to the octave and built instruments to play with this tuning?
Harry Partch

How many movements are in Sheng’s China Dreams?

Bright Sheng’s integration of national styles is influenced by the works of:
Béla Bartók.

Gamelan music is generally played in Indonesia for ritual and court ceremonies and to accompany theatrical performances.

Which of the following does NOT characterize Persian music?
emphasis on harmony

Which singer premiered George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children?
Jan DeGaetani

Of the following, which is NOT used in Crumb’s Caballito negro?

The music of George Crumb includes many settings of the poetry of:
Federico García Lorca.

Contemporary music has made fewer and fewer technical demands on performers.

Which of the following techniques is used by modern performers?
all of the above

Crumb’s Caballito negro is published in a book of:

Jan DeGaetani sang the premiere of Crumb’s song cycle Ancient Voices of Children.

The mood of Crumb’s Caballito negro can be described as grimly playful.

What do Cathy Berberian and Jan DeGaetani have in common?
Both are virtuoso singers.

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