Harry Potter Special Effects

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Film is the new form of storytelling, it is one of the most entertainment sources in our life. Fantasy is one of the favorite genres in film. It helps us to escape from the reality for few hours. Most of the fantasy films are adapted from literature. One of the movies which adapted from literature is Harry Potter. Harry Potter series with its magical world has always been an attractive choice amongst viewers. Each film brings more adventure and excitement than the previous.

Harry Potter series is one of the successful movies in the industry. The first series was released in 2001 and became financially success, the series ends in 2011. It took 10 years to adapt 7 books into 8 movies, and the technology always develop year by year. Many of us always expect something new from the visual effect from Harry Potter series. Film industry is a competitive field with new ideas and new technology. Film makers are work hard to impress the audience through story, visual and technology.

And this essay will explain the visual effect in Harry Potter series.

Based on the best seller novels from J.K Rowling, Harry Potter is a fantasy movie that tells the story of a wizard named Harry Potter so of course the movie deals with magic or other supernatural elements as main character, plot, theme, and setting. Computer Graphic Imagining (CGI) is needed to portrays the magical elements to bring it to life on screen. CGI have been used to create innovative special effects sequences and computer animations and which have influenced all aspects of the visual field from set design to color.

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Within the past 20 years, computer generated images have supplanted many of the traditional visual effects techniques and have established a new mode of production within the special effect industry. CGI technology has had a profound on our understanding of film form. The visual spectacles created with the technology have become part of the narrative dynamics of the blockbuster…

Who Did The Visual Effects For Harry Potter

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Harry Potter Special Effects
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