Harry Potter Film Poster

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The poster does give an indication of the genre because there is a castle in the background which indicates that it has something to do with schools as the children in the poster are also wearing school uniform. The teachers look incredibly strict because they are not smiling and their facial expressions are dreadfully cheerless.

The type of font that is used in the poster is very sharp and bold and t looks like lightning. Its stands out, which is important so the viewers can see what the film is called and get a brief idea in what it is about.

The title is yellow therefore it also stands out a lot because the background is blue.

The film looks like it is about witchcraft for the reason that the female teacher is wearing a pointed hat which represents witches. Also all the teachers are wearing black which also represents mystery and darkness.

Dumbledoor is very old. He looks strict but very clever as well.

His clothing looks very heavy and he is wearing a long cloak, a hat and glasses. He is standing right above Hermione but is also standing above everyone else. I think they did that to show that he is the most powerful. He is sanding straight and he looks like he is looking down on us and the other teachers and pupils.

Posters Of Harry Potter

Hermione looks very cheerful, as shown in her facial expressions. She is holding books which interpret that she is clever and a good student.

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Hermione is wearing school uniform which also gave me the idea that she is in school. She looks very polite and mature. She is standing with her back straight and she has a good posture. Her uniform is a white skirt, a jumper and a black cloak. She is standing very close to Ron and Dumbledoor. The connotations of her image are that she may be very intelligent because she is holding books and that she is very gracious and grown-up because of her posture and facial expressions.

Ron looks very innocent and quite different from the rest of the cast. However he looks like he’s got a lot of ‘tricks up his sleeves’ meaning that he can trick anyone easily and that he is very sneaky. He also is wearing uniform. He is wearing a tie with a whit shirt and a jumper. He has got his arm crossed which indicates that he might be very bossy. The connotations of his image might be that he looks quite bossy or even nerdy at times.

Snake looks angry and by his facial expressions I can see that he is frowning. I can see that he is wearing a long black cloak. He has got his hand on his heart to show that he is powerful. His hair is incredibly messy and his posture is good. The connotations of his image are that he is trying to tell people that he is powerful and decent because he has his hand on his heart.

Miss McGonagall looks very severe and stern. She is wearing a hat that is usually represented by witches which suggested that she might be a witch. She looks daunting and also very powerful. The connotations of her image are that she looks very powerful and frightening.

Voldermorre looks sneaky and secretive. He is frowning a little bit but he has no certain facial expression. He doesn’t looks very powerful; he looks like a cleaner or guard of the school. He is wearing a long furry coat and doesn’t looks like a teacher. He looks very conning and not very trustworthy.

Harry Potter is the main character as the name of the film is ‘Harry Potter’. He looks very scared and he is the only one that isn’t looks straight at us. He is the one that is the most enlarged in the picture which also suggested that he was the main character. He gives the impression of being very clever and looks like he always has an answer to everybody’s question. He also seem like he knows how to sort out problems and how to get himself out of trouble.

Besides the characters there are other objects on the poster such as a train. It says ‘hog warts express’ across it. It suggests that the children might be on the train during the film or that the train goes through the school. There is also a castle which may be there school. It looks like it is on top a hill or a large mountain. There is loads of lightening in the background which creates a very spooky image. The forest also looks very frightening.

The caption ‘Journey beyond your imagination’ stands out because the background is very dark and the font is white. The positioning of the caption is at the top of the poster right in the cenre. It has no specific technique that I can see, athough it seems that the main meaning of the poster is to tell us even more spectacular things can happen. Most of the writing is mainly to the centre of the page, apart from all the cast.

The font is mostly capital letters and some words are smaller than others because they are possibly less important than the rest. Most of the writing is in white seeing that the background is very dark. There are different font sizes for different parts of the poster. Obviously the more important writing will be in the bigger font. At the bottom of the page I can see keywords such as ‘Harry Potter’; this could tell us that he is the main character if we haven’t already discovered that. There is also a ‘WB’ sign that stands for ‘Warner Brothers’ which represents the cinema the film is shown in.

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Harry Potter Film Poster
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