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If anyone knows how [0 power through the wizarding world‘s toughest situations, it is Harry Potter. His courageous and daring personality almost attracts danger and challenges, but it is questioned how Harry really deals with these many problems on the inside. Any person who goes through as much as Harry does could be damaged mentally and emotionally from all of the stressful events that are risen. Harry Potter’s attachment style and psychological disorder portray him to be unhealthy overall. Harry Potter’s avoidant attachment style hinders him emotionally.

In Goodfriend’s essay titled “Attachment Styles at Hogwarts“, she offers that “avoidant children don’t attempt to make strong bonds…and they consistently shut down their emotional life” (84). Harry always wanted to leave home He never liked being around his aunt and uncle who he lived with because none of them got along. He did not want to try to become close with them, he wanted to keep his distance and stay at Hogwarts.

Harry also was hesitant to make friends when he first came to Hogwarts. Harry didn’t think that Ron and Hermione were close to him so he would try to figure some things out on his own without their help. Emotionally, Harry did not like to let people in on what was happening in his life which could hinder him in the long run, Harry’s avoidant attachment style put him at risk for stress. In Harvey and Byrd‘s essay titled “Relationships Between Adolescents’ Attachment Styles and Family Functioning”, they suggest that families in which avoidant attachment styles are prevalent are less stress resistant than those families with a secure attachment style (20) Harry being avoidant puts him at a higher risk of being stressed.

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For example, Hermione is classified as a secure attachment style and she rarely showed any signs of stress or anxiety She was the level headed one out of the three friends. Harry’s attachment style portrays him to be much less level headed and more hot headed. When something goes wrong with Harry emotionally, he tends to not think as clearly and may reject the help of his friends to make goodjudgement which is not good for his overall health. Harry Potter needs support in order to look past his disorder, In the essay titled “Mental Illness in the World of Wizardry”, Murakami implies that “Without his loyal friends, it is unlikely that Harry would be able to defend Lord Voldemortmnot only to help him on his quest to defeat the dark wizard, but also help him with his mental health” (186). Harry shows mental illness in his personality and it is speculated that he may have a personality disorder.

Harry is very prideful and stubborn and will go to extreme measures to get his way or prove he can do something Without Harry’s friends, his success wouldn’t have come as fast as it did. His friends were his backbone and without them he would not have come as far as he did alone because of his personality disorderr Harry’s friends help his health more than he realizes Without guidance, Harry would be forever lost on his quest to defeat Voldemorti ln Mulholland’s essay titled “Using Psychological Treatment with Harry”, he explains that “[Harry] is somehow able (again, often with the help of ‘therapist’ Dumbledore) to notice and catch his negative thoughts and beliefs and turn them around” (270). Only with the support of Dumbledore can Harry realize his emotions are getting the better of him His personality disorder may make his judgement unclear which could hinder his ability to achieve his goal in defeating Voldemort.

Having Dumbledore there as someone to look up to is great for Harry’s health because it would more than likely stress him out or kill him if he had to go through everything alone. Harry’s avoidant attachment style and personality disorder may not be very clearly portrayed in his character, however, when his personality is analyzed in more depth it becomes clear as to what his weaknesses may be The problems he faced on the inside may have beenjust as intense as the actual danger and obstacles he faced on the outside. Harry may be mentally and emotionally unhealthy, but with the help of Dumbledore and his friends, Harry worked through his issues well enough to stay alive.

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