Hemingway In Another Country

Davenport Jessica Period 3 7 March 2011 Have you ever wondered how modernism went along with the novels that were written in that time? Well “In Another Country” portrays Modernism and The Harlem Renaissance in many different ways. During this period was when WW1 went on from 1914-1918, The Jazz Age which was know as “The Roaring Twenties”, and The Great Depression, which included The Dust Bowl and The New Deal. This was just some of the few things that happened. With some of the historical events also came some important people.

Essay Example on Modernism Ernest Hemingway

Edna St. Vincent Millay and Dorthy Parker were the two women who celebrated the clash between the traditional and modern values, celebrating youth, independence, and also freedom from social constraints. Also during this time John Steinbeck was the writer who wrote about the despairs that the population was going through during the dust bowl. During the time of the mass production Sinclair Lewis was just one of the few writers who felt he was being alienated by all of the new values and lifestyles.

Along with the different types of things happening there were many different topics and ways that the writers wrote things. Most of the novels were about the war that was going on which was known as “The Great War” or WW1. In the story “In Another Country” Hemingway was an injured soldier in Milan, he was one of the very first to try out a new machine that was supposed to help injuries.

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The doctor that was helping him with his leg injury was hopeful that the machines were going to work and Hemingway would be playing football just like he had been doing before the war.

Then he meets another soldier who is getting his mangled hand fixed by the same machines and the doctor also promises him that he will be able to return to fencing but this man finds out that his wife has passed away when he was in Milan and he is devastated about it. That is when Hemingway realizes that he did not deserve his medals and his injury was not heroic action but an accident. One way the piece of literature is an example from the period Works Cited “The Harlem Renaissance and Modernism 1910-1940 A Changing Awareness”. McDougall Littell Literature: American Literature. Evanston I11. : Houghton Mifflin Co. , 2008. Print.

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Hemingway In Another Country
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