How Different Aspects Of Development Affect One Another

Essay Example on How Do Different Aspects Of Development Affect One Another

Describe with illustrations how different facets of development affect one another. Answer:

Essay Example on How Do Different Aspects Of Development Affect One Another

When turning up kids learn many things and at times these can overlap and go intertwined with each other. I have wrote a brief description of these different facets of development and what they mean in general footings: Behaviours – The manner in which one acts or conducts oneself.

particularly towards others. Communication – The conveyance or exchanging of information by talking. composing. or utilizing body linguistic communication. Emotional – The feelings and/or reactions of an individual’s fortunes. temper. or relationship with others. Intellectual – The module of concluding and apprehension.

Language – The method of communicating. i. e. written or spoken. which has been structured to be understood. Physical – Relates to the organic structure and non the head.

Social – Relates to how one works in partnership with others and the demand for company and communicating.


When my girl was a babe. she learned that the things she did prompted different reactions from her pa and I. such as smiling when she smiled. and coming to her when she cried. In this manner she was get downing to larn that physical Acts of the Apostless. are a method of pass oning and a manner of showing emotion’s such as felicity and unhappiness. Through this she gained the mind to understand that shouting agencies she is sad and as she got older she came to understand that other people are sad when they cry excessively.

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The more contact she has had with people. the more her ain societal assurance has expanded and as such she will now travel to household members and seek to pass on and acquire positive reactions through her good behavior such as clapping her custodies when happy.

She is now a twelvemonth old and trying to larn what words are and what they mean. as she has observed that this is how adults communicate through spoken linguistic communication. I have used my girl as an illustration to demo how different facets of development affect each other and can happen at about the same clip. If we hadn’t smiled back at her when she smiled. she may non hold attached this physical motion as an look of her emotion’s. which would hold impacted her ability to socialize with others and sympathize with their emotion’s every bit good as communicate her ain. In small ways such as that. each facet of development can impact each other and as these chief phases of development continue to impact kids as they learn and grow. it finally affects the individual the kid will go. Children are influenced by those around them such as parents. friends and instructors who the kids will emulate and larn from through observation and so put into pattern in their ain societal brushs.

Essay Example on How Do Different Aspects Of Development Affect One Another

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How Different Aspects Of Development Affect One Another
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