Interdependence can be defined as trust with one another or

Interdependence can be defined as trust with one another, or mutual dependency whether its between two or more people or groups. Interdependence is important because of the bonds that can be made with others and it is also very valuable in college because it helps towards the students success. An interdependent relationship is different from dependent and codependent relationships, though. Being able to be there for others in a sense that one can help someone other than themself achieve their goals and often before achieving their own.

These types of interdependent relationships is consistent in which the support and gain is shared for the better of all involved. With the information stated interdependence a better solution for struggling students because of the support that can be provided. Help can be provided by family, friends and faculty around students. These support systems can be effective and reduce the stress and struggle of students.

When thinking of a struggling american many groups from certain aspects come to light but one of main struggling groups would be students.

In today’s world we can compare students being interdependent with one another via books, movies and especially true events. There are many characteristics that can come from being an interdependent college student. Being interdependent can be one of the best ideologies and a helpful solution to students because it helps them improve their collaborative skills and can help advance their abilities or skills. Interdependent relationships built among each other can enrich students lives and studies.

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When you being to be more comfortable with interdependence you feel more open and content with asking friends to help you with projects that you might have for your classes. With this you may also feel more comfortable with helping others and being that support system to others. For example, according to Mike Rose, “I Just Wanna Be Average” (126) he states “students learn to develop hypothesis and troubleshoot, reason through a problem, and communicate effectively” within this statement he lists skills that students should have communication being one of them. Communication can relatively be one of the key purposes of being interdependent, having to talk to others and being able to form new ideas within theirs and vise versa you being able open with someone in your group and allowing a sense of trust and being their support system. Although John Taylor Gatto author of “Against School” (114) would say public schools are actually crippling students he believes school is a program to trap students and bore them. Gatto initially assumes students aren’t able to express themselves while attending school due to the set schedules most campuses have set. On the other hand many positive outcomes can come from being interdependent in college such as wide ranges of opportunities that allow students to explore interests with others and be able to share them. Students may be able to see behaviors they wish to emulate or behaviors than can be avoided. With new experiences students come to they are able to obtain themselves in social situations. These new obtainable skills will benefit students to pursue a career while interacting with people who share same interest and inspire you. By connecting with others everyone wins because you expand knowledge and experience through social interaction. Another statement by Nancy Frey “Productive Group Work” mentions in 1975 johnson and Johnson would call productive group work to actually lead to positive interdependence. In fact positive interdependence results in the students ability to classify their success is connected to the success of every other member of the group. When students recognize that those around them are essential to achieving the goals they have in common and are dependent on their peers leads to collaborative learning. In a great example that can be commonly related to is the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World created in 2014 is a spin off to Boy Meets World created in 1993 is based off of a group of friends who go above and beyond for each other and being one another’s rock. The setting regularly takes place in school as they offer each others help almost all throughout the show as they do run into some issues they get through them together this perfectly reflects the meaning of interdependence. The main characters are Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Lucas Friar and Farkle Minkus these friends since the first episode have helped one another, the show can most definitely be related to today’s world of struggling students who do choose to be involved with interdependent relationships amongst other students. The show has multiple scenes where the friends are showed studying together and helping one another with projects and can be seen analyzing ideas from each other. Having someone you can count on for anything in this case school and many projects and homework assignments. It’s about being there for someone who may need help or just new ideas interdependent relationships with peers is highly important in college because students shouldn’t go through certain issues alone, you balance each other and when you feel like you can’t do something on your own you can rely on someone to be there for you and give you that extra push.

When being an interdependent college student it may be useful and definitely likely to visit a professor or any faculty member during office hours. This is another way of being a solution towards a struggling student because you begin to build bonds with one another and knowing there is someone you can rely on. According to Employing Interdependence on Campus by the University of Maine they “interdependence is rarely bandied about so easily, as if relying on others for help is somehow a sign of failure.” This is hardly ever the issue interdependence is not the same as dependence or co-dependence but is a supportive set of relationships. Students find the strength in their roles as students by creating a platform of supportive networks by receiving help help from their peers and being able to turn to the professors and advisors available to the students for help. Students who go the extra mile to reach out and find those supportive groups do end up doing better down the road. The article concludes it’s statement by saying “employing interdependence students will maximize their success by seeking help from professors, librarians, academic advisors, counselors, community services, study groups, etc.” Overall, when you have a sense of interdependence you help others as well. When having the bond with a faculty member it can ensure that students have a better opportunities because they can lead to future collaborations in the outside world. Many struggling students refuse to cost counselors and other workers on campus because they feel as if they are embarrassed or they believe they can get to their goal without help that is students can get all the help that is available and offered. Interdependence is a double win solution.

The last solution of many that can be helpful among students is having an interdependent family while these students are currently attending school. Parents are the most important benefactors to students success. With this the main motivation students obtain and continue to have while attending school is the families open interdependence. In an article based on students motivation posted on rampage a study was conducted on The Role of Psychosocial Variables in Understanding the Achievement and Retention of Transfer Students and the results found that Face to face interactions with support from family members and peers is one of the most important and warming processes for students and young adults and in fact plays helps the academic outcomes. Family members are able to uplift one another and be able to hold each other liable to reach their goals. With a stronger family supporting you especially when being coming together and being an interdependence family it can potentially lead students to increase their abilities to persevere through their college career and eventually graduate with the degree they are striving to receive. School can be stressful to most students if not all due to it being a new environment from what they are used to but surely if these students lack the support and gratitude from fellow peers and family members there is a possibility that they will feel discouraged and will surely cause them to stop being motivated or just have a lack of motivation all together. It is the parents responsibility to do everything in their power to help their child with school whether its as simple as asking if they need help every bit counts because having the student to depend on a parent to be there for them and having the confidence of asking parents for help when they need it to simply being proud that your parent would do anything to be a beneficial factor on your rise to success.

Families, faculty and other peers compliment one another extremely well and can make up for each other when one is lacking in an area of motivation. In this instance, interdependence is a great solution for struggling students as it would be crucial for the student to have those understanding and encouraging peers around them for the support and help they need. College can most definitely be a place of stress but some of that stress can be reduced when having others to help you using those around you for support and making the experience a little less stressful. Take advantage of all the resources around you because they are useful, take the extra step into forming new relationships or bonds with those around you. Other students may be feeling the same way you do lost and confused with no motivation therefore causing a struggle in school be open yourself to new people because they can impact your schooling in a positive way as you can too. Thus, with the research and information given interdependent studies is the better solution for struggling students in america.

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