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Milk is a perfect nutrient. It is a portion and package of the diet of all immature and old. It is indispensable for the proper growing of the human organic structure. It is a balanced diet. It contains proteins. saccharides. fats. minerals and vitamins in the ratio in which they are needed for the proper development of the organic structure.

This is why it best suit ; babes and the ill. Milk contains Ca. Newly born babes are fed on mother’s milk. It helps in the formation of castanetss. Following to mother’s milk. is cow’s milk. Milk should be boiled before it is taken.

Before boiling. it should be strained through a piece of harsh fabric. Milk loses much of its nutrient value if it is boiled for a longer clip.

We prepare a batch of things from milk. They are butter. curd. lassi. cheese. pick and a figure of Sweets which sell like hot bars. They are relished by every-body. We use milk in changing measures in tea. Milk in its purest signifier is rare now. Peoples have become dishonest. They adulterate milk by adding H2O to it or they get cream extracted from it. These malpractices destroy the nutrient value of milk.

Essay On Milk For Class 1

These yearss tea is more popular than milk. Tea no uncertainty is cheaper but it is positively harmful for wellness.

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Milk strengthens friends bacteriums in our organic structure to defy diseases but tea destroys those bacteriums. Equally far as possible. tea should non be given to kids. One chief ground why the state people are stronger than city- bred people is that they get milk and milk merchandises in greater step than the people of metropoliss. Lassi is their favorite drink. The type of animate being. its quality. and its diet can take to differences in the coloring material. spirit. and composing of milk.

Infections in the animate being which cause unwellness may be passed straight to the consumer through milk. It is hence highly of import that quality-control trials are carried out to guarantee that the bacterial activity in natural milk is of an acceptable degree. and that no harmful bacteriums remain in the processed merchandises. Milk fat The monetary value paid for milk is normally dependent upon the milk-fat content. and this may be determined either at the aggregation phase or at the dairy utilizing a piece of equipment known as a butyrometer. Additionally the specific gravitation can be measured utilizing a gravimeter.

This can besides be used as an assistance to observe debasement. Bacterial activity Routinely it is necessary to look into the microbiological quality of natural milk utilizing either methylene blue or resazurin dyes. These trials indicate the activity of bacteriums in the milk sample and the consequences determine whether the milk is accepted or rejected. Both trials work on the rule of the clip taken to alter the coloring material of the dye. The length of clip taken is relative to the figure of micro-organisms nowadays ( the shorter the clip taken. the higher the bacterial activity ) .

It is preferred to utilize the resazurin trial as this is less time-consuming. For these trials. basic research lab equipment will be needed such as test-tubes. a H2O bath. accurate measurement equipment. and a supply of dyes. After aggregation the milk should ideally be stored at a temperature of 4°C or below. This is necessary to decelerate the growing of any polluting bacteriums. Phosphatase trial For pasteurized milk. it is possible to guarantee that pasteurisation has been adequately achieved by proving for the presence of the enzyme phosphatase.

The devastation of phosphatase is regarded as a dependable trial to demo that the milk has been sufficiently heat-processed. because this enzyme ( present in natural milk ) is destroyed by pasteurisation conditions. It is stressed that pasteurisation is an effectual precaution against spoilage and nutrient poisoning merely if the milk is non re-contaminated after pasteurisation. Production of Feed The dairy supply concatenation begins with turning harvests such as maize. lucerne hay and soya beans to feed dairy cattles. About 35 per centum of provender is grown on the farm by dairy husbandmans ; the remainder if purchased from other husbandmans.

Milk Production Dairy cattles are housed. fed and milked on dairy farms across the state. On norm. a cow in the United States gave approximately 20. 576 lbs of milk in 2009. Milk Transport Milk is transported from farm to treat company in insulated oiler trucks. The mean truck carries 5. 800 gallons of milk and travels about 500 stat mis round trip. Processing There are more than 1. 000 U. S. processing workss that turn milk into cheese. yoghurt. ice pick. powered milk and other merchandises. Boxing Packaging is typically done by the dairy processor.

Both poster board and plastic containers are designed to maintain dairy merchandises fresh. clean and wholesome. Distribution Distribution companies deliver dairy merchandises from the processor to retail merchants. schools. and other mercantile establishments in refrigerated trucks. Retail Milk and dairy merchandises are available at 178. 000 retail mercantile establishments of all forms and sizes – from convenience shops and vicinity food markets. to big price reduction shops and warehouse mercantile establishments. Consumer Milk and milk merchandises deliver nine indispensable foods to kids and grownups. advancing good wellness and wellbeing throughout all phases of life.

The milk contains all the nutrient. including protein. fat. sugar. and other foods. a immature mammal requires for a long period of clip. Milk comes from sheep. cattles. and caprine animals. Milk is good for us because we grow up healthy and have a strong organic structure. we have crisp dentitions and have energy. Everybody needs milk illustration: babes. yearlings. ill people. kids. aged and old people. In assorted parts of the universe. caprine animals. caribou. donkeys. yacks. H2O American bison. and sheep are domesticated and milked. In most states. nevertheless. dairy cattles provide milk.

Milk and milk merchandises are intoxicated and eaten in many signifiers. including buttermilk. cheese. yogurt. and butter. Milk can be reduced to pulverize. concentrated in a thick liquid. and used in cooking. Fresh milk sours rapidly. but. when changed into signifiers such as cheeses. it can be kept for a long clip. Peoples consume milk in fresh. dried. and condensed signifiers. The dairy husbandmans take their cattles to the keeping country. where they wash their cattles for milking. When cattles are clean the dairy husbandmans leads them to a particular room called the milking parlour.

The dairy husbandmans take out the milking machine and attach it on the bag of the cow and begings milking. After few minitues when the cow has given all the milk the dairy husbandman weighs the milk and notes the sum in the particular diary. Each cow produces about 4500 liters of milk each twelvemonth. The milk travels from the cattles through glass pipes to the milk armored combat vehicle. The milk ne’er touches the air it stays clean and fresh. The milk cools in the armored combat vehicle. After this the dairy husbandmans clean the milking equipment and feed the cow. The cattles eat leafy vegetables. hay and maize that the dairy husbandmans grow.

They besides eat vitamin feed that helps them do more milk. Subsequently from the chilling armored combat vehicle milk is transported to Process Company in insulated oiler trucks. Before the milk can be sold. it is tested to be certain it is fresh and pure. The milk is besides pasteurized. a particular procedure that kills any sources and keeps the milk fresh. The milk is poured into containers to sell in shops. The sum of milk a dairy cow produces varies from month to month. A cow does non bring forth any milk at all until the first calf is born. The husbandman removes the calf 2 yearss after birth. so that the cow is free to be milked.

She is milked twice a twenty-four hours to maintain the milk output high and is given excess nutrient. The cow is milked for 10 months. Within three months after break uping ( giving birth ) . she is mated once more. During gestation the milk yeild falls bit by bit. and for 2 months before the birth. the cow is dry. For six hebdomads before the birth. she is given excess nutrient to assist her to bring forth a good milk supply after break uping. This is called steaming up. Get downing with the month when a calf was born. a calender is made demoing how a cow’s milk output alterations over a twelvemonth.

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