Marketing: Research on Milk and Dairy Products

Explain how end-consumer or purchaser behaviour as selling activities for two merchandises of the company and its retail merchants. “Buying behavior” is made up of the internal and external factors that explain why consumers buy and use certain merchandises or services. This type of behaviour can impact the selling scheme that a concern employs to advance its merchandises. and when this behaviour is analyzed. it can steer a concern toward better selling schemes and methods that it might non hold originally used.

The University of Delaware provinces that the best manner to estimate what marketing scheme to utilize is to make a “marketing mix” of different types of ads and publicities that can appeal to the different types of purchasing behaviour.

The purchaser behaviour has influence on selling activities. There are some factors. which influence on selling activities of the company such as: psychological. societal cultural. situational. – Psychological: each people have each personality. life styles. thought and cipher is non same anybody.

They besides have different beliefs. attitudes and motives in life. Therefore. everyone has different demands.

If Vinamilk merely has one sort of merchandises. the consumer will non hold many picks. When they feel tiring with the merchandise. they can non purchase it more. Furthermore. they think that the quality of merchandise has to worth with the money that they spend.

Therefore. if they use the merchandise and experience it bad. they will non purchase it more. To sum up. the consumer’s psychological affect strongly the gross revenues of merchandise.

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If the company does non hold on the consumer’s psychological. they can non acquire net income. – Situational: the income of the consumer influence selling activity. If the monetary value is excessively high. the consumer will see carefully before doing determination. Therefore. if the monetary value is non suited. they will non accept and except the merchandise.

The old purchasing experiences and the purchase undertaking itself besides have a large influence on consumer determination. – Social cultural: Vietnamese cultural besides affect selling activity. First. Vietnamese like the foreign merchandises particularly milk. They think that the foreign merchandises are ever better than the domestic merchandise.

Therefore. they tend to take the foreign merchandises foremost. Second. Vietnamese tend to follow the mass because they think that the merchandises have many people to utilize is good. It is advantage or disadvantage. If the vinamilk has the best selling. many people will purchase their merchandises. but if non. it is hard for them to sell merchandises. Part 2: Identify and analyse the single elements of the drawn-out selling mix:

Describe and analyse how merchandises of your chosen company are developed to prolong the company’s competitory advantage. Vinamilk has many merchandises from milk such as liquid milk. yogurt. power milk. condensed milk. ice pick. cheese. etc… In the competitory environment. Vinamilk ever develop and better their merchandises to fulfill their consumers. Besides. they ever create new merchandises to spread out the market.

Therefore. they can prolong the company‘s competitory advantage. Now. we choose and analysis two merchandises of Vinamilk so that we can see how merchandises of Vinamilk are develop. First. it is liquid milk. The liquid milk is shared two cleavages and it is for household and for kids.

In the household cleavage. Vinamilk has two merchandises such as 100 % fresh milk and Flex. With Vinamilk 100 % fresh milk. the company has pasteurized milk in carton. After a period of selling. Vinamilk alterations boxing with pasteurised milk in bag. It is more convenient to utilize and convey. Some people like to imbibe milk with sugar. instantly the company better merchandise with sugared milk.

After that. they do assortment of merchandise with some spirit such as cocoa. strawberry. etc… They capture the market really rapidly and they ever develop their merchandises to fulfill consumer. They see that Long Thanh milk has developed with autoclaved milk so they besides manufacture autoclaved milk with sugared and no sweetened.

In the modern life. people eat many sort of nutrient. which has a batch of fat. Therefore. Vinamilk launch a new merchandise. Vinamilk Flex. It has high-calcium and low-fat milk. It is a good measure by Vinamilk.

It truly attracts people because everyone ever wants to maintain in form. healthy. active and energetic and it is hard when eating a batch of fat. Nowadays. Vinamilk see that child fleshiness is increasing in Vietnam. combined with the milk market research weight loss. Vinamilk find less competition involved in this market. which has created the drift for establishing Vinamilk new merchandise – “Vinamilk milk to lose weight” and instantly received the support of consumers.

With the research aims and supply effectual solutions to burden loss. safety. consistent with the province of Vietnam. this merchandise is a discovery to assist convey practical benefits to consumers. Acknowledging this tendency. Vinamilk instantly jump into this exciting market. Besides. Vinamilk besides develop merchandises that are reserved for kids.

That is UHT MILK MILKKID and VNM FORTIFIED UHT MILK. Fresh milk is treated in at high temperature in a really short clip ( 3 seconds ) to retain all indispensable vitamins and minerals ( including Ca content in milk at an optimum proportion of D/Ca ) . The addendum of DHA is added to help children’s growing and development. maintaining them healthy. agile and intelligent. The parents like it because they ever want everything are the best for their kids. Second. it is the yogurt.

Vinamilk has three type of yoghurt. This is yogurt with spoon. imbibe yoghurt. probi yoghurt. Each type of yoghurt suits each different penchant. Some people like eat yoghurt with spoon but some people like to imbibe yoghurt. It is really easy for consumers to entree it when there are many picks.

Now. probi yoghurt is popular because it there are many good things such as reinforces the opposition of digestive system. sublimate toxin from nutrient and environing environment and absorb foods at maximal capacity. It truly attracted people because it is aimed the consumer’s psychological about wellness. It is truly effectual because everyone want a good wellness.

Explain how your chosen company’s merchandises are distributed in order to supply convenience to clients. Harmonizing: hypertext transfer protocol:  For Manufacturer Company. the distribution is really of import. The company has good merchandises and services. good monetary value but their merchandise can non be delivered to clients. It is failure.

Therefore. the company should construct the best distribution systems. It is really helpful when the company sell their merchandises. There are many method of acquiring merchandises to clients such as supermarket. agents. jobbers. retail merchants. practical shop. franchise. etc… Vinamilk has two channels to administer goods.

This is direct channel ( supermarket ) and indirect channel ( jobbers. retail merchants ) . Vinamilk do non take franchise. on-site shop. and practical shop to administer their goods because some ground. First. Vietnamese does non hold hobbits to imbibe a batch of milk so the measure of milk that the clients buy is low. Second. the merchandises of Vinamilk sell everyplace in Viet Nam so it is hard to present if the clients order direct from maker. Third. Vinamilk is maker so they merely want to do merchandises and administer them. They entrust the other people to purchase goods and pull off them. It is easier if the company pass a big of money to construct a concatenation of sale in the whole state.

In direct channel. Vinamilk has merchandises in all supermarkets in Viet Nam such as Big C. Metro. Coopmart. etc… The client can happen the merchandises of Vinamilk at all supermarket in Viet Nam. The supermarkets merely administer 20 % merchandises of Vinamilk and the retail merchants in indirect channel distribute 80 % merchandises of Vinamilk. Because the per centum of Vietnamese go to supermarket is non high and the supermarket system is non much. In add-on. the clients like to purchase milk near their house. In indirect channel. Vinamilk’s merchandises were sold through 240 jobbers with more than 140. 000 retail merchants in all 64 states of Viet Nam. It is convenience for clients. They can purchase merchandises everyplace.

They merely go the nearest retail merchants to purchase milk or they can remain at place and call for the nearest wholesales. The good is delivered in a few proceedingss. It is easy to purchase merchandises of Vinamilk. Although it is difficult for Vinamilk to pull off all retail merchants. they can travel to some topographic points and do study from the clients to cognize how to the retail merchants do with their goods. Vinamilk besides is utilizing the most modern application of IT engineering in direction such as Customer Relationship Management ( SAP ) . Oracle E Business Suite 11i. and Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) . Everything merely work out the job how to the goods is distributed the clients quickest and the most effectual.

Explain how monetary values of your company’s merchandise are set to reflect company’s aims and market conditions. Price is an of import factor when the company wants to pull many people to purchase their merchandises. Therefore. doing the appropriate monetary value policy is particularly of import important. it helps Vinamilk have effectual concern scheme. First. Vinamilk want to take monetary value for merchandises ( liquid milk and yoghurt ) . the company has to modify the monetary value of merchandise at breakeven points. After that. they should see some factor which affect purchase of market such as client behaviour. wonts. income. market volatility. quality. and quantity… from that. they can take the markup for merchandises ( low or high ) .

Then. they continue to look into the monetary value of competitions and they can see their monetary value of merchandises is suited and can be competitory. Therefore. they can do determination for concluding monetary values of merchandises. For two merchandises ( liquid milk and yoghurt ) . Vinamilk has some scheme. To accomplish the end of going the dairy and nutrient companies have wellness benefits for rapid growing and most stable market in Vietnam with the merchandise line with long-run competitory advantages. Vinamilk accept to diminish the extent possible monetary value to accomplish maximal market scope. Besides. Vinamilk attempt to better their merchandise has high quality. secure and they create the customer’s assurance.

Subsequently. they can increase their monetary values but the clients will non react much about that. Furthermore. more and more people interested in their wellness attention. so the milk is preferred. The tendency of the expensive purchase ( psychological attached between monetary value and quality ) besides contributed to higher milk monetary values. General psychological science of the clients frequently compares the monetary values of the same merchandise of the other companies to do determinations. Therefore. Vinamilk research the cost and merchandising monetary value. quality of merchandises of rivals and so they adjust their monetary value so that it is sensible. Despite the race of the net incomes with foreign milk company. Vinamilk maintains the stabile monetary value since 2008.

The monetary value of Vinamilk on the market merely has about tierces of the monetary value of foreign company. In the domestic. the monetary values of merchandises of Vinamilk are ever equal or less compared to the monetary value of merchandises of the other companies. With current milk monetary values. Vinamilk accept lower involvement or compensation from the operation of many different merchandise lines to portion the load of consumer disbursement. When the merchandise value has high in the head of the clients. it is easy for the client to accept the new merchandises of Vinamilk.

Beside. the merchandise value has lower in the head of the client. Vinamilk maintain the old monetary value and better the quality of merchandise. Furthermore. Vinamilk attempt to put modern engineering and conserve the input stuffs and the costs of gross revenues so that they can hold the best monetary value for the clients. Vinamilk has rather sensible policy in the monetary value.

Exemplify how promotional activity is integrated to accomplish selling aims in your chosen company. The merchandises can non purchase more every clip and everyplace. The clients do non ever know new merchandises. The company is same. Therefore. the company has to hold many promotional activities to do the client know: What is the company? What are the company’s merchandises? They are good or bad … . Therefore. the clients will cognize the company and their merchandises. The company can sell more merchandises and acquire a batch of money.

It is good for the company. Vinamilk choose two ways: First. it is publicizing. Vinamilk ever understand the of import of advertisement in publicity scheme. so they ever focus and create extremely and invariably. They have achieved large success in bettering gross revenues. Vinamilk is a company specialized in fabrication of milk merchandises. which chiefly milk from dairy cattles. so the image of dairy cow is considered specific. the nucleus of each Vinamilk advertisement. Vinamilk responds the rigorous demands that advertisement message to be achieved. The clients can see it on Television. on hoarding on the street. when they go to Vinamilk web site or read on the magazine.

The advertisement run is replicated throughout many the mass media with dairy cow image: cute dairy cow on the beautiful natural. full on life. With the intent of conveying their merchandises to the bulk of consumers. Vinamilk use all signifiers of advertisement such as telecasting. wireless. newspapers. out-of-door advertisement. etc… Besides. Vinamilk do charity to heighten the repute of the company. For illustration. “8 1000000s cups of milk for hapless children” . “Vinamilk incubating immature talent” . “help hapless or disablements people” . etc… Second. it is publicity. With the intent of pulling many people and selling many merchandises. Vinamilk has many interesting publicity activities. The client will be discounted or has more merchandises of Vinamilk when purchasing a big measure.

For kids. they can imbibe and roll up the paper in the bottle and so they can alter the nowadayss or school supply. Sometimes. in the supermarket. the clients can acquire same free samples ( old merchandises or new merchandises ) to test. Sometimes. the clients will purchase merchandises with nowadayss ( playthings for child. glass or new merchandises of Vinamilk ) . Everything is promotional scheme so that they can pull more the clients and sell more merchandises.

Analyze the extra elements of the drawn-out selling mix ( People. Physical grounds and Process ) in your chosen company.  Peoples Vinamilk understand that preparation and human resources development is the scheme of investing for the company’s success in the hereafter. Therefore. Vinamilk is focused on preparation and bettering the staff. They work out a program of calling development for the staff and convey the staff suited preparation plans to assist them better working effects. In the period of developing and spread outing. Vinamilk make chance for the staff who will hold more opportunities to cover with new functions and new challenge.

This besides helps the staff raise possible and creativity. Vinamilk creates a professional. friendly and open-hearted environment. Vinamilk ever respected. listened and shared thoughts with the staff. The staff’s attempts and accomplishments are recognized and extremely commended.

There are many activities for the staff such as athleticss. going. bivouacing. etc… It helps them bask happy and utile minutes. The staffs besides have a opportunity to understand each other and promote teamwork spirit efficaciously. The staff will acquire a satisfactory salary harmonizing to working capacity and competitory wage. Besides. Health Insurance Program and transport aid are besides one of separating benefits we give to the staff. ?

Physical grounds The company’s mills are equipped with modern technological lines imported straight from states such as France. Germany. Denmark. Sweden … the standards for making high-quality merchandises. low power ingestion. have the ability to retrieve and recycle of merchandises and energy beginnings.

In add-on. the company bit by bit converts and invests treating lines from low-power public presentation to high-power public presentation. The application of modern machine will lend to important nest eggs in production costs. cut down H2O ingestion. fuel and energy. Vinamilk has 80 trucks. they are used to present the merchandises from the company to the distributers. Each truck has a black box mounted to supervise the position of the vehicle. The mills of Vinamilk are designed modern. HACCP criterions. making a clean working environment. guaranting occupational wellness and safety for workers and do non impact the residential country about. All beginnings of noise are located off from residential countries and are wholly separate.

There are many spouse companies and each company has a separate map. It helps the company to bring forth and provide the goods in clip on the market. Nowadays. the clients like beautiful design of merchandise packaging. many companies have non hesitated to put costs on planing new the packaging. Although they can take disadvantages of the cost and monetary value. the client will retrieve more the merchandises. It is of import to do determination by the clients. Vinamilk tries to carry through the standards packaging such as beautiful. convenience. safety merchandises. friendly environment … In add-on. it is hard to keep these standards because the concern environment and client penchants ever change.

Therefore.the company will put to a great extent in packaging costs to pull the clients. Procedure There are two resources of natural stuffs in Vinamilk: milk is collected from farm and milk is imported from foreign state. Vinamilk produces milk in installations and so the company distributes their merchandises in two ways: one. they provide merchandises in supermarkets such as Metro. Big C. Coopmart… two. they distribute for the jobbers and so the jobbers provide goods for the retail merchants. Finally. the retail merchants sell them for the clients. It is really convenience for the clients. They can purchase the merchandises of Vinamilk everyplace. After few times. Vinamilk goes to research the market and acquire feedback from the clients.

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