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Metaphors in The Play “As You Like It” Essay Paper

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In his drama. “As You Like It. ” and by and large in all his authorship William Shakespeare uses a batch of metaphors. In. “As You Like It. ” he has Rosalind who is disguised as male child named Ganymede use an interesting metaphor that explores the relationship between the ingestion of clip and the motion of a Equus caballus based on temper or pleasance. In my sentiment the lone ground that Rosalind of all time uses the metaphor is to seek to convert Orlando. the adult male she has fallen in love with and knows that he loves her. that she is wise when it comes to love and that she as Ganymede could bring around his love by giving him love lessons. The metaphor proves to be effectual because by the terminal of their conversation Orlando is convinced that Ganymede could bring around him.

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When Rosalind foremost approaches Orlando disguised as Ganymede she asks him for the clip. Orlando answers by stating that there is no manner to cognize the clip in this wood because there are no redstem storksbills. He says that it would be more appropriate to inquire for the clip of twenty-four hours. Rosalind follows this up by stating. “Then there is no true lover in the wood. else suspiring every minute and moaning every hr would observe the lazy pes of clip every bit good as a clock. ” ( III. two ; 275-77 ) . By this she means that a true lover is merely every bit good at stating clip as a clock because they are ever believing about the 1 they love and every minute they sigh and every hr the moan.

Orlando admirations why Rosalind said the lazy pes of clip instead than the fleet pes of clip because he thinks it would hold been merely as appropriate. Rosalind explains how clip travels at different velocities for different people and how she could state who clip promenades for. who clip jogs for. who clip gallops for. and who clip stands still for. Orlando asks her about each velocity and Rosalind gives an illustration of the sort of individual who would hold clip move at each gait.

When Orlando asks who clip jogs for Rosalind says. “Marry. he trot difficult with a immature amah between the contract on her matrimony and the twenty-four hours it is solemnized. If the interim be but a se’nnight. times gait is so difficult that it seems the length of seven twelvemonth. ” ( III. two ; 285-88 ) . By this she means that between the clip a adult female gets engaged and the twenty-four hours of her nuptials clip seems to travel easy. This is because the adult female is exited and dying. A week’s clip could look like 7 old ages. It is my belief that clip ever moves the antonym of how you want it to.

When Orlando asks who clip promenades for Rosalind replies. “With a priest that lacks Latin and a rich adult male that hath non the urarthritis. for the lone slumber easy because he can non analyze and the other unrecorded happily because he feels no hurting – he one missing load of thin and uneconomical acquisition. the other cognizing no load of heavy boring indigence. These clip ambles however. ” ( III. two ; 290-95 ) . To mosey is to walk in a easy manner. Both the priest and rich adult male have reasonably easy lives in which they are non really busy. Because they do non make anything clip seems to travel easy.

When Orlando asks who clip gallops for Rosalind answers with. “With a stealer to the gallows. for though he travel quietly as pes can fall. he thinks himself excessively shortly at that place. ” ( III. two ; 297-98 ) . A stealer on his manner to the gallows walks every bit slow as he perchance can but clip still seems to travel so fast. This is another illustration of how clip seems to travel the antonym of how you want it excessively.

When Orlando asks who clip stands still for Rosalind says. “With attorneies in the holiday. for they sleep between term and term. and they perceive non how clip moves. ” ( III. two ; 300-01 ) . Lawyers on holiday sleep off their vacations and have no sense of clip. To them it is similar clip is non traveling at all. Whenever I am on holiday I normally sleep it off and when I do wake I have no thought how much clip has past.

I have been playing association football for about 6 old ages now and I have learned that at my games clip either mover fast or decelerate. Normally when my squad is winning clip moves slow because I want the game to stop. When my squad is losing clip seems to travel fast because I do non desire the game to win. I want my squad to come back and win. I have learned that clip ne’er works the manner you want it excessively.

Shakespeare’s metaphors add a batch of intending to his authorship. Without them he might non be every bit good cognize as he is now. The metaphor in. “As You Like It. ” adds a batch to the narrative. It non merely adds affect but besides plays a function in the plot line. If Rosalind had non used she may hold non been able to convert Orlando to take love lessons with her and that would do a immense alteration in the narrative.

Metaphors in The Play “As You Like It” Essay

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