Restaurant Marketing Research

This essay sample on Restaurant Marketing Research provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

It Is difficult to find theme restaurant In Juror Barr, Hereford it is undoubtedly a good market opportunity for us to recommend this business to the client. In order to survey the feasibility of opening a theme restaurant in Juror Barr, we have Interviewed sixty respondents by giving out the questionnaire and the results have been analyses through some graphs and pale charts.

Factors/reasons that indicate the feasibility of opening theme restaurant in Juror Barr.

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Juror Barr Is a very busy and populated city.

It is very difficult to find a comfortable and quiet place for chatting and gathering. Nowadays theme restaurant is very ammos In overseas such as toilet-themed restaurant, Taiwan. Wong (2009) states that “We not only sell food but also laughter. The food is just as good as any restaurant but we offer additional fun”.

This indicates that theme restaurant not only allow customer enjoy a delicious meal but also provide some entertainment. One of the foods mentioned by Wong is the chocolate ice-cream; they have designed the shape of the chocolate ice-cream looks like natural waste.

Although customers think that It Is disgusting, the customer awareness and curiosity Is Increasing by this creative dead. The number of people who enjoy staying In theme restaurant Is still Increasing. Thus, there is a potential market for run the theme restaurant in Juror Barr. According to appendix figure 10, 93% of the respondents agree that they would like to go if there is a new theme restaurant opened in Juror Barr. The key factors are as follows. Trend of theme restaurant When creating theme restaurants, restaurateurs should be specific.

Theme Restaurants

The creation of a unique and innovative, dining atmosphere will differentiate from the other competitor. Differentiate with other restaurant not only great food but great service and atmosphere. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique design and decor. Almost all restaurants have some theme, winter It Is related to ten type AT Too teeny serve . I name restaurants are successfully creating themselves to keep follow with consumers keep changing interests.

A renewed emphasis on food and service quality and an entry of new concepts are helping this segment maintain its popularity. The reality is that the home-restaurant segment is positioning itself for growth on the basis of its service, style and menus. Indeed, theme restaurants have been enjoying a new start of class. Regardless of the theme of sports, aliens, maid or a specific kind of food, the common element among today’s theme restaurants is their emphasis on high-quality food and service. Gavin (1999) states that “we are not going to let Just the theme do the talking.

We’re going to let the restaurant do the talking. ” Lasting success with theme restaurants is to create customer loyalty those are aspects that attract repeat customers and promote longevity at any restaurant. The establishment will be able to count on locals as well as tourists for revenue. Therefore, food and service are where the focus must be. This argument can also be supported by the industry expert, Swoop, he claims that “everything else is Just window-dressing”. (2002) Design of theme restaurant Theme restaurants attract and keep hold of customers by serving good food that compliments the theme.

These are going to be produced custom features that customer will not be able to see anywhere else. Those are influenced by Toss’s Coplay’ cafes and Twain’s theme restaurants, these restaurants let customer eat in the Jungle, classroom or old times. In fact, Toss’s ‘Coplay’ cafes the service staff dress as elegant maids, or as butlers. Theme restaurant compared with service at normal cafes, the service at Coplay cafes involves the creation of a different atmosphere. The staffs treat the customers as masters and mistresses in a private home rather than merely as cafe customers.

At a chain of princess heart restaurant, customers can luxuriate in the entire frilly pink princess regalia and enjoying what hey want in there. Customer are led to a full-length mirror where they’re apparently supposed to ask who’s the fairest one of all, before taking a seat in a throne and being crowned. Women can drag their male partners along, but single men are not allowed. In Tappet’s theme restaurants keep pushing the oddball envelope such as a hospital- themed restaurant there is decorated with crutches and wheelchairs; the servers are dressed as nurses and the drinks are poured into glasses from an IV tube.

At a chain of toilet-themed cafes, diners eat from toilet-shaped bowls. Every customer sits on a lays acrylic toilet designed with images of roses, seashells or rebirth paintings. Chem. (2009) state that “This is such a funny and strange restaurant”, while sitting at top a colorful toilet seat, the standard chair at the restaurant. The restaurant means the toilet theme restaurant with a creative idea and design of restaurant will attract customers to come in to have a meal. Unusual dining experience According to Bait (2009), “eating out is no longer Just about food but involves the entire experience to enjoy it”.

This indicates that recently most of the people not only emphasize ten taste TOT out also a Lolling experience. On ten toner nana, some AT the people dine out at same place over and over again. They might be feeling bored and no feel any special when always dine in a same place. Besides this, in Juror Barr, there is hard to find an unusual dining place, and many restaurants are UN- entertaining and ordinary. Nowadays, most of the people like to dine in unusual and unique places, especially youngster. Theme restaurant offer an unusual and unique dining experience for customer.

For example, very famous theme restaurant located in Taipei, Taiwan, which is the toilet themed restaurant. According to Jennifer (2008), “the restaurant was designed to capture an imagination with humor every customer sits on the toilet and leans over a glass topped wash basin or bathtub while enjoying their meal”. It is very unique and creative theme restaurant. It will attract most of people to patronize and having their meal in those unique and unusual places. That is why popularity of theme restaurant is rising nowadays. Juror Barr haven opened this kind of themed restaurant yet.

According to our research 93% of respondent would eke to go if there is a new theme restaurant opened in Juror Barr. Price Price is one of the most important factors that the customer will concern when they choose to dine in the theme restaurant. Refer to our survey, most of the respondent suggested that the price of food and beverage must be reasonable. This may allow the customer feel that it is worth to dine in themed restaurant, as well as enjoy an unusual dining experience. If the customer feels that it is value and they will introduced their friends and family enjoy meal in theme restaurant.

On the other and, price of food and beverages is factor that customer will more emphasize on it, thus cannot set a higher price because customer will feel cannot afford and will not visit the themed restaurant. Location Based on our survey, most of the respondent suggested location of the themed restaurant should be built up in commercial area but make sure that the locations of the theme restaurant have enough potential customer. Besides this, a new themed restaurant location should have its own parking lot.

Thus, it is convenience for customer, because most of the people not going to spend their time for search a spot o park Just wanted to have a meal. In addition, the location of the theme restaurant should be visible thus customers are able to see the restaurant. Therefore, it is easy to allow the customer to find it. Conclusion In conclusion, theme restaurant has a great market opportunity in Juror Barr. Many restaurants in Juror Barr would not allow customer feel fresh and curiosity. It is hard to attract younger customer to have a meal there because they usually like something special and both eyes catching on the restaurant.

Besides that, it is Important to provoke a place Tort customers to rest Ana relax. I name restaurant provides a chance for people having same interest to interact, but now the market for theme restaurant in Juror Barr is still unavailable. So, we are going to suggest our customer open a music theme restaurant. Customer enjoyed going to music theme restaurant as the atmosphere there was so relaxing and comfortable which could provide a place for them to release much pressure. Therefore, it is a good time for us to catch this opportunity and operate a theme restaurant in Juror Barr. (words: 1398)

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