The following example essay on “Let’s Talk About Sex” is an analysis of the docudrama James Houston, which highlights the differences between American’s attack to arouse instruction and that of other states like the Netherlands.

The stereotypes. contention. and irony all related to sex is put out in the unfastened and discussed. Throughout the movie. it is obvious that America’s ways of sex instruction and attitude towards sex has created a negative intension.

The Europeans have a much more unfastened attack when it comes to the treatment of sex and started sex instruction at an early age.

American’s. on the other manus. have a really closed attack to arouse treatment and salvage sex instruction for later ages. This negative intension and attack to instruction has resulted in the States holding much higher rates of adolescent gestation. adolescent birth. and sexually familial infections when compared to European states. One could state that it’s clip the United States changes its attack and sentiments sing sex.

gender. and the instruction behind it.

Throughout the film. there was a commonalty between those who held a colored sentiment on the subject of sex. Those who believed abstention should be enforced and were against an unfastened treatment of sexual dealingss were frequently times from the older coevals. It’s the parents of teens. most instructors of sex instruction. and even people within the churches that held a prejudice.

They believed that teens should non be involved in sexual activities and that it should be saved for matrimony.

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Along with that. they stood behind the thought that the teens should non be educated about sex until later in high school and the unfastened treatment of sex and gender was non proper. Kelsey’s female parent was one of these biased people. She was strongly against the thought of Kelsey taking portion in sexual activities until she got married and did do it easy for Kelsey to openly pass on with her about her sexual dealingss. For those teens that do take portion in sexual activities. they are looked down upon in the greater part of American civilization because of the negative intensions that have been established here in the United States.

With these prejudices. it has put sex into a negative class non merely for the minority. being the teens. but most Americans in general. In America. sex is non something people openly talk about nor is it something that teens are “suppose” to take portion in. The thought of teens taking portion in sexual dealingss prior to matrimony is greatly frowned upon and the stigma of transporting a rubber has scared them off from it.

An illustration of this. which was shared in the film. is that in the Netherlands. transporting a rubber get downing in their teens is really common and bucked up. Where as in the provinces. if a adolescent were to be caught with a rubber. others would see that as a mark of person who is really promiscuous. In the film. females thought males who carried rubbers wanted nil but sex from a miss while males thought that adult females who carried rubbers were easy and considered slatterns.

This negative impact in the States has generated these stereotypes environing sex. The effects of these stereotypes have negative results. For illustration. if a cat is afraid to transport a rubber because of the stereotype and when it comes clip for him to take portion in sexual activities. he won’t be decently prepared. Without the protection. he is at hazard for STIs and possibility of gestation in misss. This is besides true frailty versa with misss ; they excessively should transport rubbers. but are afraid due to the negative association.

There is besides a negative thought behind the treatment of sex in an unfastened scene. Most parents in the US are afraid to speak about sex with their teens sharing both their sexual lives and discoursing their teens. Because the parents are non unfastened to it. the teens are afraid to near their parents with sex related inquiries or state them they have taken portion in sexual activities. Because of this. many teens go with out proper direction and right information in respects to sexual activities. Where as if the parents were more unfastened and accepting of the thought of their teens taking portion in sexual activities. it would open an avenue for better cognition and possibly even assist prevent STIs. gestations. and other sex related issues.

The minority group in “Let’s Talk About Sex” stood as US teens. These teens faced the favoritism of senior groups and negative stereotypes. but throughout the class of the film. it showed how things are easy altering. Several people who are frequently viewed as community leaders are working to decently educate teens. An illustration was sublime Williams. who created an unfastened country to discourse sex related things and offer proper instruction. Some instructors besides voiced their sentiment on how they believe sex erectile dysfunction. should be more about sexual dealingss and non about human anatomy.

They besides believe the instruction should get down at younger ages when childs are traveling through pubescence and developing sexually developing. This is one manner these teens are acquiring the upper manus on favoritism. Another is that opening the thought of household treatments about sex and the thought of teens being involved in sexual dealingss. Interrupting the premise that abstention is the lone reply and opening the door to treatment. utilizing the Netherlands as an illustration. By the terminal of the film. Kelsey. whose female parent originally frowned upon sex before matrimony. was able to alter her female parents mind and even speak about her sexual dealingss. These are merely a twosome of the ways the teens easy made alteration. there is still a batch more to be talked about and changed.

When reflecting back. I excessively can associate to the US teens in the docudrama. I have noticed the closed door in footings of the treatment of sex and human gender every bit good as the stigmas associated with teens’ engagement in sexual activities. I do believe there is something to be said about the Netherlands attack to human gender and sex. particularly when looking at the figure of adolescent gestations and transmittal of STIs compared to the much larger figure in the US. We. as the United States. could profit from a alteration in the ambiance environing adolescent sex. and sex in general. Sexual activity is a natural thing.

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